Autopilot Off
Make a Sound

Autopilot Off - Make a Sound

The word, “finally,” come to mind when I think about this album. It seems like it has been a long time coming for this album to finally get out there to the public – was it worth the wait?

The album begins perfectly with the title track. The band has been most known for their fast-paced rock/punk sound, however, but you will soon find that they have so much more to offer through this album. The first thing I noticed was how lyrically different this band was than some of their peers. Via their ranging themes and basic song meanings you will find out they have so much more to offer than many give this band credit for.

I for one am a huge fan of their lead singer’s voice, I think that his vocal style is more akin to this full sound that the album showcases. The album just feels big, feels strong, and each beat hits your chest like a cannon ball. I can picture myself on a highway road with the windows down, music cranked loud, and my foot pushed to the floor – this is the perfect get pumped up, rock, and drive song.

As you may or may not know Tim Armstrong (Rancid) fell in love with the first recordings of this album, that he asked to come in and help write some songs (the single: ‘What I Want’) and actually sings on track 3. The irony of all this is that I honestly believe the album would be better without him. The band doesn’t need any help – they rock harder, write stronger songs, and sound tighter without his influence. That being said, I think the label picked the wrong first single. However, Tim’s influence does bring an interesting feel (his rap/talk/style of singing) to “Blind Truth”, and you can see his touch on “What I Want” as well.

Hands down, in my opinion, the best track of the album is #4 – “I Know You’re Waiting.” The hook gets planned into your head, and it doesn’t let go. The soft gentle strum of an acoustic guitar in the background works perfectly, the twang, the lyrics, the beat – you are either singing along after the first chorus or you have no ears. This will become a staple for my mix tapes for years to come. After that – you are in for a treat as the band proceeds to lay down solid fist-pumping rock songs that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This album speeds by at almost blistering pace and unfortunately is over before you are ready. However, it leaves you knowing that you’ll be hitting repeat on your CD player almost instantly. Very solid release, and it’s about damn time.

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