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Copeland - In Motion

Growing up in the suburbs of Oregon I spent most of my youth outside entertaining my hyperactive mind with all sorts of daily activities. I remember spending countless hours running through grass fields and spinning around in circles staring straight up towards all the spiral-pouring raindrops. Copeland’s new full-length album, In Motion, brings to head all of these nostalgic thoughts as their sonic wave invades my speakers. (Cheesy lines are all I have sometimes ..)

Being a huge fan of the band’s last album and their cover’s EP: there was more than a little anticipation running through my blood. Remarkably, I was not let down by the perfect combination of their full-length’s slower melodic styled songs and their EP’s slightly edgier rock-pop songs. It seems that only a few weeks ago all of us on the website were debating which bands have what it takes to take on a sort of “iconic” status later in our lives, years from now when all of us are old and grey. The irony is how quickly we may have just been answered …

The album opens with one of the faster paced pop-rock songs on the album. And I know what you’re thinking “wait, Copeland … fast?” – by fast, I of course mean it’s got slightly more of a rock feel to it (maybe in the vein of Brandtson and Jimmy Eat World). Aaron Marsh’s vocals slip between octaves and notes with mind numbing speed and accuracy, the lyrics float above each guitar riff and drum beat. When you hear him sing, “I didn’t mean to make you leave …” it is hard not to feel the chills turn to goose bumps on your neck. The second track “Choose the One Who Loves You More” opens with a crunchy guitar humming beneath the lyrics and other songs throughout the disc employ a few other recognizable production tricks. “Pin Your Wings” is a one of the tracks the band has already released on and it’s a fairly good indicator of what the rest of the album brings and as a guide to the mix of their last two albums. Also, those who were a fan of their last album’s slow melodic piano powered songs have nothing to worry about – as the album moves through it’s track listing we are treated to songs such as “Sleep” and “Kite” which will make ballad fans fly.

As the album progresses through its 10 tracks, the listener is treated to everything from soft acoustics to the tap of the piano keys. The band goes out of their way to fully encapsulate their audience with a wide variety of musical instruments, sounds, and feelings. I think this is important in today’s music scene because it gives the feeling that the band truly cares about the art they are creating, they don’t take the latest cereal box craze and record it over and over again with slightly different lyrics and even less feeling. The album stands as a whole, with each song being unique but needing the album as a whole to fully encourage the listener to understand the beauty behind the music.

Let’s be honest, it takes a certain kind of music fan to listen, like, even love this band. Your average “punk” complete with Hot Topic purchased spikes, belt, and attitude – probably isn’t going to be into the soothing soft pop of Copeland. However, those with an open musical mind, and those actively searching for a band that can stalk your veins like a ghost … will probably find one of their new favorite bands. With the album being released March 22nd it simply means I’ll have to wait an extra four days to pick up my favorite birthday present …

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