Eliza Shaddad

Eliza Shaddad – Future

Eliza Shaddad is a UK-based alternative singer who has grown from attracting listeners with the passionate vocals on her first EP, “Waters” to making it easy to hit the replay button on her sophomore EP, “Run.” With her dreamy vocals, one can get lost in her world of free expression—this isn’t all she has to offer. She spent most of her childhood moving across different continents and has tales of many adventures. She channels the memories of those adventures through her lyrics. Every project she has released so far has felt like a musical storybook. Future is Shaddad’s debut album—one which has been highly anticipated by many—especially those who experienced the thrill that came with her previous projects.

On her debut album, Future the dominant theme in the singer’s lyrics is moving on from the past. She begins the album with enchanting vocals over the sounds from the band, but on the first set of tracks, she fails to bring listeners into her world despite the soulful energy on those songs. “White Lines,” “My Body,” and “Are You There?” which are the first three tracks on the album lack the auditory engagements that can make heads sway. However, after a bumpy start, the other tracks are a rollercoaster of angelic vocals over heavenly instrumental sounds.

Beyond the exciting instrumentals, on “This is My Cue,” the echoes of sounds in the production makes this track seem like a hot meal that makes you drool. The rhythm she has with the band on “Slow Down” is a delight to listen to as it triggers body parts to move. The band also display a lot of energy on this album. They present this on “Your Core” and “The Conclusion.” The sounds of the instruments make Shaddad’s vocals sound like the chants of an angel.

On her 10-track debut album, Eliza’s voice smoothly glides over alternative tracks while inviting you to listen tentatively to her soul-baring lyrics. Although the album begins slowly, when she finds her rhythm, she presents herself as a bundle of talent. On one of the standout tracks, “Daydreaming,” her vocal dexterity explodes as she draws listeners into her realm of sonic amusement.

On Future, she sings about her life, love and past experiences. The indie singer concludes the album with some regret in her tone as she sings: “What can I do to make it up to you// what can I do to make it okay.” On her first EP, she sounded like a volcano waiting to erupt with talent. On Future, the explosion of Eliza Shaddad’s talent is uncontrollable.