Joytime II

Marshmello - Joytime

Marshmello, the anonymous producer and DJ, has been taking the music industry by storm since his remix of Jack U and Justin Bieber’s global hit “Where Are U Now.” With hits like “Moving On,” “Wolves,” and “Silence,” he has become one of the fastest rising dance producers in the industry. As the layers of mystery continue to surround the man behind the mask, there is no doubt in Marshmello’s ability to make electronic music that pops. Joytime IIis his 9-track sophomore album.

“Stars,” which is the first track, has a bouncy electronic rhythm that excites. Despite no feature on this song, Marshmello combines sounds to create a flow of excitement throughout the song. “Together,” is made for a club mix. This song has a lot of rhythm to it while maintaining the high electronic energy. The sounds that go with the chorus on “Rooftops” are engaging, but the chorus lacks the type of energy that goes with the genre.

“Check This Out” is one of the striking records on this album. This song is a rollercoaster of electric sounds that capture the heart and the ears. With the reverberating chants of: “Check this, check this, check this out” that echo on this track, Marshmello, presents himself as a mastermind who can create hits from simple ingredients. “Flashbacks” is another outstanding track that many club DJ’s would be attracted to.

Joytime II is an album filled with fun electronic club sounds that later become boring due to its monotony. While tracks like “Flashbacks,” “Tell Me,” and “Together” beg for features, others like “Paralyzed,” and “Rooftops” lack rhythm. Listening to this album is the same experience you get going to the club everyday of a week—it becomes boring. Nonetheless, Marshmello rises above the storm on “Stars,” and “Check This Out.” However, if there is one thing this album lacks, it is featured guests. Although, he struggles to add some hooks, he is no Selena Gomez or Khalid. With a few featured guests on Joytime II, the magic in the creation of some of the sounds on this album would have shined.