Brent Walsh
Are You Even There At All?

Brent Walsh

On the second EP from I The Mighty’s front-man, Brent Walsh, he stretches out his vocal repertoire and showcases his power as a solo artist. Produced by Courtney Ballard (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low), Walsh can blend unique traces of R&B, pop, and singer-songwriter elements into a well-crafted work of art.

The first track, “Moon Creep” initially took me by complete surprise, in a good way, as I didn’t expect that type of dynamic introduction. The track itself is recorded almost all acapella and reminded me of a modern-day update of Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.” Walsh throws his voice all over the first track, and it works well to re-brand him as a more than capable solo artist.

“Cloud’s Song” and “More Lucky Than This” rock like a singer-songwriter type of vibe, and you can feel the power behind Walsh’s songwriting on songs like these. Walsh, himself, really shines throughout this entire EP and has written six great songs. The pop elements tend to break through more than the rock elements, which is likely what Walsh was going for on this record.

“Alone But Contently” is a beautifully composed piano ballad, that feels like Brent has invited us into the studio to listen to this new song he wrote. The backing creaks of the piano stool and breathy vocals all feel incredibly raw and real, and only adds to the allure of this great pop recording.

“The Way You Seem” is much different than the rest, as it incorporates hip-hop elements and samples in a way that initially triggered memories of Twenty One Pilots, but with even more pop-related hooks. The production shines on tracks like this, as Ballard and Walsh seem to trust the process that went into this record. They hit some major highs, as I mentioned previously, that really caught me off guard in the best way possible.

The closing track, “Confession Repentance,” finds Walsh soaring to even bigger heights, as he sings in the first notes with an acoustic guitar, “Now I am guilty sir, but I had my reasons.” Walsh’s passion for his music brought a smile to my face as I could see what he was going for on a song like this. While this EP may not be for everyone, if you have any love for pop music and the singer-songwriter vibes with a modern twist, I urge you to give this fantastic solo record a spin.