Sammi Lanzetta
For Avery

Sammi Lanzetta

Sammi Lanzetta is undoubtedly a new, and welcome face in the rock scene. Her first song showed up on Bandcamp in May of 2016. “House Plants” instantly shows off what kind of artist she is, with a sound best described as “anxiety rock.” On her new EP, For Avery, we get a better exploration of this sound. The EP consists of four songs none run over two and a half minutes. Lanzetta gets right to the point and that gives the EP has a great flow.

“Circles” pulls no punches with its biting opening line: “Why are you such a misogynist? I would rather slit my throat than be stuck in a house with you.” Now, if that doesn’t tell you exactly what you’re diving into with For Avery, then I don’t know what would. While the lyrics bare it all, the music is painfully real as well. She sings about her fears, anxiety, and many more emotions in the relatively short amount of time of just four songs. “Anxiety Olympics” is completely upfront about being around other people her age and how she may pale in comparison. She wants to be better, but also doesn’t want it to feel like a competition. That just might be something we can all relate to, even for those of us who are competitive.

The back half of the EP starts with the title track. This song isn’t as in-your-face and has a softer touch to it. I wouldn’t call it a ballad, but it’s one that highlights her vocals over a more subtle backing track. Even when changing up the tone a little, the song doesn’t run much longer than the rest, which makes you feel like she’s sticking to how she best writes songs. “Toothbrush Song” closes out For Avery with a confession of knowing she’s a mess and working out what her current relationship will be. Will they stay or will they leave?

From top to bottom, For Avery gives a deeply personal look into Lanzetta’s outlook on herself and life. You don’t want to miss out on this one.