Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg

Slaughter Beach, Dog is back with Motorcycle.jpg. While Modern Baseball is on a bit of a break, Jake Ewald is taking some time to work on his solo project more. It’s the third release from him since the project debuted in 2015. Last year we received a full-length out of the project and this new EP is a great extension.

Since Jake is a main songwriter for Modern Baseball, it’s to be expected that you’ll see glimpses of that here. The EP starts off with “Your Cat,” in which he jokes about Jesus either bringing him back to life as a disciple or as someone’s cat. These songs don’t touch on quite as heavy topics as the Modern Baseball songs do. There’s a lightheartedness to this EP and you can tell that Jake is having fun with it.

With the songs relying heavily on acoustic guitar, things are kept intimate. Everything culminates in “Building the Ark,” in which Jake sings of Vegas and violent dreams. Motorcycle.jpg gives some nice insight into the variety of songs he can write. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, you should spend it listening to this. It might not have you out of your seat and jumping around like a Modern Baseball song, but it’s still immensely enjoyable.