Dan Campbell and Ace Enders Team Up for the Dillon Panthers

Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years and Ace Enders have teamed up for a new project called Clear Eyes Fanzine:

Clear Eyes Fanzine – its name is taken from the motivational rallying cry said by Coach Eric Taylor and chanted by the team before every game – is a part-band, part-fanzine hybrid that celebrates the show and Soupy and Ace’s love for it. Season 1, Episodes 1-6 is the first installment, a six-track EP that features three songs by Dan and three by Ace that are about or inspired by the series and its characters and storylines. While the songs will be downloadable and streamable, for the really obsessed there will also be a physical copy of the zine with photos and lyrics and discussions about the songs that can be ordered with either a sweatshirt or a T-shirt.

Pre-orders are now up and you can stream two songs below.

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Dan Campbell and Ace Enders Cover “Thunder Road”

Bad Timing Records

Thomas Nassiff, writing on his cool blog:

Katie and I got married in March. We had an awesome wedding and reception in Gowanus, and I’ll always think it’s cool that while living in Brooklyn we were able to host 120 family and friends for our wedding at a place that was just a 20-minute walk away from our apartment.

Congrats Thomas. But I thought this was SorryInterpunk.net.

Another detail that I’ll always remember is that our wedding favors were very dope. We asked three of our most musically inclined friends to record covers of songs we like, then we pressed those three songs onto a 12″ record. We will always treasure those three songs and the generosity of everyone who recorded them or aided in their recording, along with the helpful guys at A To Z Media, who have pressed nearly 50 Bad Timing Records releases in addition to this specific 12″. […]

We wanted to share Dan and Ace’s cover of “Thunder Road” a bit more widely, so that’s really what prompted me to write about all this. You can listen to the cover below via Bad Timing Records’ Bandcamp page. And if you head over to that Bandcamp page, you can grab a download of the cover for $1 (or pay-what-you-want if you’d like to throw in more). All payments from that cover on the BTR Bandcamp will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest LGBTQ civil rights organization in the country.

Thomas also details how you can get one of the physical records as well, if you’d like one, on his blog.

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Ace Enders Talks a Little About Shelved Album

Ace Enders

Ace Enders posted a photo on Instagram yesterday talking about the only album he recorded that got shelved. Let me add this to my ongoing list of albums I wish would see the light of day that labels have sat on.

Boring photo.. but in that building with the super heroes on it is where i recorded my only album to ever be shelved. I put so much time work and money into it., it was supposed to be the one. Glad it happened but Weird emotions happening

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