Review: Adventurer – Pacifica

Adventurer - Pacifica

On the latest album from the post-hardcore band Adventurer, the group is able to channel a lot of the best elements of the genre into a creative work of art. Led by the talented and energetic vocalist Jeff Masterson, there’s a lot to like about Adventurer on their sophomore album entitled Pacifica. What the band does best on this album is to allow their spiraling guitars to tangle a complex web of emotions paired well with their vocalist’s ability to match each of the highs and lows of the songs. Adventurer have gained key experience by touring with bands like Dance Gavin Dance and Hail the Sun, that they have put directly back into their sound. With an energetic blend of songs similar to Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, and early-Hawthorne Heights, this band could very well be your next obsession.

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