Review: AFI – The Art of Drowning

AFI - The Art of Drowning

It’s amazing to think how much things can change in just 20 years time. Bands form and can run their course over that period, whereas some of the best bands can stand the test of time by reinventing themselves over and over again. Enter AFI, who would continue to evolve and release some of the best melodic punk rock of this decade with this record. The Art of Drowning feels just as immediate, punishing, brooding, and essential as it did on its release via Nitro Records in the start of 21st century. Black Sails in the Sunset marked a smaller musical turning point for the band, as they began to explore some darker elements, and featured some new band members in Jade Puget (guitar) and Hunter Burgan (bass). But The Art of Drowning would remain the album that changed this band’s life for the foreseeable future. This core lineup would go on to record some of the more quintessential Gothic punk rock that future bands would try to emulate for years to come.

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Review: AFI – The Missing Man

AFI - The Missing Man

AFI have never been strangers to the darker side of things, as clearly evident from the shadowy packaging and artwork of their latest EP, The Missing Man. However, what I’ve always admired about this band is the silver linings found in their music. After releasing arguably their darkest-toned LP to date in 2013’s Burials, they followed this effort with 2017’s AFI: The Blood Album, an album that incorporated many of their past styles into a single record. On this EP, AFI has found a way to pay homage to the path they blazed before, while still adding new elements to their trademark sound.

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AFI Release ‘Sing the Sorrow’ Anniversary Bundle


AFI have posted up a Sing the Sorrow anniversary bundle on their store:

It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since the release of our sixth studio album, Sing the Sorrow. Since then, we’ve released four albums and are fortunate enough to have you awaiting all of those to come. In recognition of this milestone, we have created a Sing the Sorrow anniversary bundle, complete with a t-shirt, tote bag, and poster – all in the spirit of the era.

This album holds up surprisingly well. I’d be down for a vinyl repress.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes Holiday Art Show

Romantic Rock has announced the second annual “Punk Rock & Paintbrushes Holiday Art Show.” This year will feature artwork from Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Blink-182, Chali 2NA of Jurassic 5, Hunter Burgan of AFI, Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals, Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly, Jennie Cotterill of Bad Cop / Bad Cop, and more. The full press release can be found below.

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