Bahjat – “Aladdin” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m excited to share the latest single from experimental pop artist, Bahjat, and his single called “Aladdin.” In this new lyric video for the single, Bahjat showcases what makes him one of the more interesting international artists to watch in the pop genre. Bahjat shared:

“Aladdin” is the second single from my upcoming EP, A-POP. The EP is a snapshot of my experience as an artist finding their own path in the music industry. As an Arab with global ambitions, I’ve always received pushback for being ‘too ambitious for my reality.’ If no one had ‘made it from Libya, why would I ever stand a chance? Why would a refugee with no connections succeed as an artist? Why ‘waste’ the time?”

To begin answering these questions and more, press play and get swallowed whole in the world this artist has created.

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Bahjat – “I’m Here” (Video Premiere)


Today is an excellent day to share electronic pop star Bahjat’s new single and music video for his comeback single, “I’m Here.” Bahjat had this to say about the new song that’s a blend between a K-Pop sound paired with a modern flair seen in the most popular music today:

I wrote ‘I’m Here’ during quarantine in 2020. Not only was it such an uncertain time in our lives in general, but I was also getting a lot of pushback from people in the industry who were questioning my vision and my decision to mix Arabic & English lyrics. It’s kind of my ‘comeback’ song in a way, because it captures the moment I got fed up with all the criticism and decided to carve my path on my own terms. Sonically, I wanted to pay tribute to the K-Pop community and the sound of the artists’ debut songs, because I feel like I’m debuting all over again with my new take on global Arabic music, which I’ve been calling ‘A-pop.’

With his sets sight purely on global domination, don’t blame me if you find yourself dancing through to the weekend, courtesy of Bahjat.

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