Mike D of the Beastie Boys Featured in Vulture

Beastie Boys

David Marchese, writing for Vulture:

The filters are still there, though. They’re just different. When I was 15, getting into the Clash exposed me to reggae. I’d see that they covered a song by Junior Murvin or that they had a single produced by Lee Perry and dig from there. My younger son does the same thing but in newer ways. He comes home from school in Bali and starts to make a song using his laptop, and he’s looking up what samples Kanye used and that opens the door for him to dig. The tools he has are immediate. He’s not having to go out. It’s so different from how I did it.

Beastie Boys’ Mike D Gets Beats 1 Show

Beastie Boys’ Mike D will be getting his own show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. He spoke with Rolling Stone about the new show, “The Echo Chamber”:

It’s heartbreaking sometimes, but I’m still fascinated with and stay rooted in current music. I vacillate between what’s current and things that I think have influenced me a lot. The show also depends on records that I’m working on at this moment as a producer. So if I have an artist that I’m working with, then we’ll play records that inspired us or that we were listening to in the studio and make it more about that.