Mark Hoppus Video Interview

Mark Hoppus

Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 talked with Rock Sound about recording The Mark Tom and Travis Show. Good timing.

I love the way that it turned out though. We recorded the entire tour onto Digital Audio Tape and at the end of the tour somebody went back and listened to all of the banter that Tom and I did and put together that 15 minutes at the end of the album. The worst, most obscene, foul-language. On that tour me and Tom were really trying to see who could outdo the other and say the most ridiculous thing on stage. I’m glad it’s preserved for posterity now.

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Mark Hoppus Gets His Own Apple Music Radio Show

Mark Hoppus

Apple is rebranding Beats 1 as Apple Music 1. Along with the new channels a bunch of musicians are getting shows. Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is one of them.

Apple Music Hits offers a full catalog of the biggest songs fans know and love from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. The station features remarkable new shows from notable artists and hosts, connecting listeners with the stories behind the most popular songs in the world.

Apple Music Hits will be helmed by daily on-air hosts Jayde Donovan, Estelle, Lowkey, Jenn Marino, Sabi, Nicole Sky and Natalie Sky, George Stroumboulopoulos (“House of Strombo”), along with special shows from Ari Melber and others. Fans can also tune in to hear new exclusive shows from artists like Backstreet Boys, Ciara, Mark Hoppus, Huey Lewis, Alanis Morissette, Snoop Dogg, Meghan Trainor, Shania Twain, and more.

If anyone at Apple would like to give me a show, I’d take it. Just throwing that out into the universe.

Mark Hoppus Shares Some Blink-182 Updates


Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 did a little Q&A on Instagram over the weekend. He said they’re still working on the upcoming EP and that “Matt is going back into the studio with John to work on more songs. I think we have a tracklisting. We still need to finish these songs, get them mixed. We are a ways away still, but we are working on it.” And that he does not think they’re going to release a deluxe version of NINE:

There is no NINE deluxe at this point. The songs that we are going to release on this EP are not…When I think of a deluxe album, I think of the additional songs sometimes as songs that were thrown away or weren’t good enough to make the real album and so they are put on as bonus songs. We wrote new songs for the ‘California’ deluxe and I think that that stands on its own. But this one we are writing all new material and it didn’t feel like it was part of the NINE writing sessions. It felt like its own entity.

He also confirmed Matt is obviously still in the band (that was a fun week of conspiracy theories) and that there are bunch of Simple Creature songs that are waiting to be finalized and then released.

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Super Whatevr Explains Mark Hoppus Collab

Mark Hoppus

Skyler McKee of Super Whatevr talked with Rock Sound about how the Mark Hoppus collaboration came about.

I tweeted in response to one of his tweets. I was just like ‘We should make a song’ and he was like ‘OK, hit my DMs’. Then the next thing I know I’m driving to get…I thought we were getting coffee but we got matcha. Then we drove to his little home studio and made a cool thing. It literally just happened.

”We were going to have two days but we ended up having one because his wife planned something for his birthday. So we had one day and I was like ‘I need the song to be done’. So I brought half the chorus and was just hellbent on finishing in that day. A lot of them were rough takes but we made it work.

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