Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge Sells Del Mar House

Tom DeLonge has sold his Del Mar home for $3.8 million.

Some 2,800 square feet of living space feature herringbone wood floors, beamed ceilings and custom steel-frame doors. There are four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Outside, there’s a fireplace, a tiled spa and a half-pipe ramp for skateboarding.

Tom DeLonge Paranormal Series ‘Strange Times’ in Development at TBS

Steve Baltin, writing for Variety:

The series, which Variety can exclusively announce is being put into development, will be written and executive produced by Aaron Karo. DeLonge, The Cartel’s Stan Spry and Jeff Holland and Strike Entertainment’s Russell Binder will serve as executive producers.

DeLonge, who played guitar in Blink and fronted his own band, Angels and Airwaves, spoke with Variety about the new series and his long-term plans for “Strange Times.”

Tom DeLonge Announces ‘Sekret Machines: Book 2’

Tom DeLonge as announced Sekret Machines: Book 2: A Fire Within. It’ll be out on September 18th and pre-orders are now up. The plot synopsis of this “novel based on actual events” is as follows:

A Fire Within continues the story of heiress Jennifer Quinn, journalist Timika Mars, pilot Alan Young and ex-Marine Barry Regis – four people bonded by the incidents they’ve witnessed and who are being hunted by agents of a wealthy corporate cabal desperate for unimaginable power and possessed of extraordinary abilities they don’t understand, much less control. Now the quartet is on a mission of their own: as Alan and Barry test the limits of their strange gifts inside the military complex known as Dreamland, Jennifer and Timika begin a quest to locate an ancient tablet that may hold the answers to humanity’s greatest question: Are we alone in the universe?”

Tom DeLonge Launches To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science

The live press conference from Tom DeLonge detailing the new “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” can be watched on Facebook. A trailer for the endeavor can be found on YouTube. Shares for the company are now for sale at $5 each with a minimum $200 investment.

I highly recommend reading the offering document before thinking of investing in something like this. The outstanding shares to asset ratio, lack of a viable business model, and clauses for dilution of any stock purchased make me very wary of this “investment.” But, I’m not a financial investor and you should talk to one before investing.

Tom DeLonge Announces To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

Leslie Kean, writing for HuffPost:

It all started with award-winning platinum recording artist and producer Tom DeLonge. […]

Fast foward to the present. Now, these early advisors have mostly receded to the background and Tom has moved on to something even bigger. He has assembled a new team of collaborators and created the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS), for which he is President and interim CEO. The Academy includes three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Entertainment. The Public Benefit Corporation is seeking to serve the public good through exploring “the outer edges of science and the understanding of phenomena,” and making all of it public.

On Wednesday October 11, at 9:00 AM PT and 12:00 PM EST, the team will launch the new initiative at an event to be live-streamed from Seattle. Tom will introduce his colleagues and explain the intentions and purpose of the new company, and its need for public support.

The new initiative has a website.

2017 has broken my ability to be shocked by anything that hits the news. Aliens could start walking down the street tomorrow morning and I’d be like, “oh, it’s a Wednesday in 2017, whateverfuckit.”

Tom DeLonge Announces Second Poet Anderson Book

Tom DeLonge has announced that the next Poet Anderson book will be titled Poet Anderson … In Darkness and due out January 30th:

Demonic shadow creatures are possessing the spirits of dreamers and using their bodies to enter the Waking World. To save reality from the maelstrom of nightmares, Jonas can no longer avoid his destiny.

Poet Anderson will have to sacrifice the Dreamscape…

Tom DeLonge Helps Track Down Alleged Predators

Tom DeLonge recently posted on Facebook about helping track down alleged sexual predators:

These asswipes are going to jail for trying to kidnapp a 15 year old girl 48 hours ago. She grew up with my family and my bandmates. We then banned together in Encinitas and we all posted about it. Then, about 10,000 San Diego people were looking for these douchbags and their ugly truck. After they staked out 2 MORE ELEMENTRY SCHOOLS YESTERDAY, the fucking idiot drove back into the SAME FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD where everyone was looking and wiring to crucify him. So… SWAT TEAM took the fuckface down, and like the pussy he is, he ratted out his friend instantly. Still trying to connect all dots to see if it goes all the way to human trafficking and any other horrible sex crimes. But as a Father, I can speak for all other Fathers, these guys are lucky they were grabbed by police and not us.

Tom DeLonge Talks to Billboard About Box Car Racer

Tom DeLonge talked to Billboard about the 15-year anniversary of Box Car Racer:

Well I’m not going to spill any beans, but Travis and I talk all the time. There was always talk of Box Car Racer; we’ve talked about it for a very long time. We just came out with vinyl, and we’ve gotten offers to bring it back. I don’t know if it was like Coachella, but we’ve had things like that pop up from time to time. It’s something that’s never died in our imaginations and it’s something that I think we’re willing to do. Whether we come out with some big announcement or we’re ready to say, “Hey, this is happening,” I don’t know any of those kinds of details. But I think that our passion for what we did lives strong. We do talk about it and we do want to do something but we have no desire to talk about details because there’s a lot going on in my life right now, and [Travis’s]. Blink’s doing really well right now and everyone’s in a good spot, contrary to what public opinion may be. [Laughs.] I have the best situation ever where that band can continue and they can do what they want. And I’m making major motion pictures and working with people in government, so it’s a big deal.

As a quick aside: The autoplaying videos on Billboard’s website are fucking obnoxious.