Tom DeLonge Announces New Adult Comedy

Tom Delonge


Described as a parody of mobster dramas, combining elements of Yogi Bear with “The Sopranos,” “Breaking Bear” follows the escapades of three bear siblings who decide they have to start selling drugs in order to raise money and save their home after gas companies start fracking next to their cave. The bears soon enlist other forest animals in a scheme that will pit them against oil companies, the Russian mafia, local Hell’s Angels and polar bears who hate anything that isn’t white.

Tom DeLonge Reflects on ‘Neighborhoods’


Tom DeLonge talked with ABC Audio:

DeLonge now feels that he may have been “too heavy-handed” in trying to change Blink’s sound for Neighborhoods, something he admits Barker and Hoppus were “probably rightfully hesitant” to do. Should he ever return to the band, though, DeLonge believes he’d be able to strike a better balance between what all band members want from a Blink record.

“Knowing that I’ve gotten so much out of my system with this type of music with Angels & Airwaves, I don’t need Blink to land here, like I might’ve 10 years ago,” he says.

Tom DeLonge Talks with

Angels and Airwaves

Tom DeLonge talked with

Lifeforms is another textural expedition that opens clear water between itself and the idea of DeLonge as a three-chord thrasher. “In my earlier years with Blink it was, ‘How do I create tones that let these songs sound different from each other?’ But all I was using was a distortion pedal and every once in a while a flanger,” he says. “Now, in Angels & Airwaves, there are delay pedals and synthesizers and organic oscillations from fuckin’ modular synths. I craft songs by what’s needed, not what I’m limited to. That’s the biggest difference.”

Tom DeLonge: My Life in 10 Songs


Tom DeLonge talked with Kerrang about the 10 songs that have defined his career, such as, “Family Reunion:”

We’d had this giant record with Enema Of The State, and then we go to record its follow-up and the whole label is freaking out, because they’re scared about what we’re going to write. We had three songs for them to hear after six months to see where we’re at. It’s the head of the label and the head A&R guy, and we played them this song full of cuss words, a song that went, ​‘When you fucked Hitler did he tell you that he loved you?’, which later became “When You Fucked Grandpa,” and cover of the Macarena that went, ​‘Hey, wipe your anus.’ They literally thought that’s what we’d been doing for six months. It was ridiculous. But what I’m getting at is even when the stakes were really high and there’s a lot of pressure to follow up a really big record, doing those songs was the core of who we were – having fun, fucking with people and having a good time. And when that didn’t exist in blink was when it was really hard, because that’s the whole goal of that band.

Tom DeLonge Talks with Pop&Rock

Box Car Racer

Tom DeLonge talked with the Pop&Rock publication, and some of the conversation was translated by Blink-182 Italia:

Question: So, is there a chance you’ll get back together with blink-182?

Answer: Sure, we’re always talking about it. That’s our goal. But we’re all very busy right now. Mark is undergoing a difficult treatment. It is not easy for us to find a time window that would work for everyone. I think it will happen one day, at least I hope so, but it’s not that simple. I have Angels & Airwaves, I make movies and I’m also a father. It is not easy to do something when you have to constantly take care of your children.

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