New York Times Interview With Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

One tidbit in the great New York Times interview with Hayley Williams is that Boygenius will be on her upcoming album:

One of her confidants, the singer and songwriter Julien Baker, said she and Williams were bonded by “being raised culturally Christian in the South then coming into the world” of music. “She has an innate connection with the deeply emotionally profound and really wants to explore those things in an honest way with people,” Baker said in a phone interview. “But also she is a uniquely disarming person.” Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus — the trio boygenius — provide backing vocals on a “Petals for Armor” song about “wilted women” moving toward the light.

Boygenius Talk with GQ


Boygenius sat down with GQ:

Bridgers: People will talk endlessly about five white dudes playing shoegaze and how different it is, and like, literally war each other about which one you’re allowed to like and the differences between the two bands, and then women literally play guitar and whisper sometimes and scream sometimes and they’re like, “Same!”

Baker: I hate those articles—this is a pet peeve of mine—like move over X, here’s the new Y. And it’s just like, X didn’t become obsolete because there’s a person doing a similar thing. You also don’t have to be like the new old-thing, you’re just the current you-thing.