Martin Johnson Talks About New Music Project

Martin Johnson spoke with Billboard about his new project The Night Game and the future of Boys Like Girls:

“I was trying to find love for music by making it for other people, and it wasn’t working for me,” he says. “You get older and it becomes about maintenance, maintaining what you’ve made in your life. I had to start almost completely from scratch and write a couple of very left-of-center, sad songs to help me discover what I wanted to say.”

And from New York City Monthly:

I don’t think you need to close one door to start to open another necessarily. It’s not like I’m in two marriages. I’m creating some music, putting it out there, seeing if people like it, playing some tunes. I’m trying to express myself in that way, and it’s like I still have a group of best friends that I played music with for a really long time. The past is fun, though.

Review: Boys Like Girls – Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

10 years ago, it didn’t seem like Boys Like Girls were going to be a band anyone cared about a decade after the fact. Skyrocketed to success by Purevolume and Myspace, Boys Like Girls seemed inextricably tied to the mid-2000s even when they were just getting started. You need only look at some of the bands Boys Like Girls toured with in those early days (Cute is What We Aim For, Hit the Lights, A Thorn for Every Heart) to get a sense for what could have happened to BLG 10 years after the arrival of their debut record. Essentially, they’d have a handful of fans but not a ton of respect or clout, and they’d be cashing in on nostalgia more than pushing things forward in their music careers. Or they wouldn’t exist in any form. One of the two.

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Review: Boys Like Girls – Crazy World

Boys Like Girls - Crazy World

So this is the Hollywood effect, huh? 

A half-decade ago, Boys Like Girls (BLG) were a hard-charging Boston quartet that wrote commercially accessible power-pop with tinges of punk and shared bills with the likes of Spitalfield, Punchline and All Time Low. Heck, one publication even referenced them as 2007’s version of Fall Out Boy. Yet here we are in the latter stages of 2012 and Boys Like Girls sounds distinctly distant from that framework they once laid. To put it succinctly, they sound more like Train than that of Fall Out Boy. 

Whether this has anything to do with Johnson’s relocation to California and his time spent with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice and Hot Chelle Rae, to name a few, is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain, when it comes to writing pop hooks few are better than him, and Crazy World is set out to prove exactly that. Whereas 2009’s Love Drunk felt like a band trying too hard, Crazy World finds the quartet swimming in their newfound contentment and reveling in their pop gloss. Any way you slice it, there’s no denying frontman Martin Johnson’s talent for pop hooks and Crazy World is chock full. 

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