Review: Broadside – Hotel Bleu

Usually when you check into a new hotel, it has a funny way of changing your outlook and mindset for the days to come. Whether it’s settling down in a hotel for a vacation, work trip, or just a weekend getaway, these places tend to have their own unique personality attached to them. Broadside have this concept well on the top of their mind on their fourth full-length record, called Hotel Bleu. The interesting thing about this album is that it finds Broadside tinkering with their sound and exploring the depths of their songwriting. While their last effort, Into The Raging Sea, took listeners on a journey through the darkest of thoughts, Hotel Bleu may just be the polar opposite. The latest LP by Broadside (Oliver Baxxter [vocals], Domenic Reid [guitar], and Patrick Diaz [bass]) is vibrant, lush, and as colorful as the name implies.

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Review: Broadside – “Bang”

The Richmond-based trio, Broadside, has returned with a great new single called “Bang” via SharpTone Records. The song features a great guest vocal appearance by Josh Roberts, and continues the sonic exploration of the sound that Broadside tinkered with on their last single (“Cruel”). The track opens with an eerie guitar riff paired with the vulnerable lyrics of, “Hang my head out the window / Watching the cars go / Hoping that one of them / Would change my life / They say it’s all that ego keeping your feet cold / I should listen to my daddy’s advice / I bite my tongue until the blood is running down my chest,” before exploding into a crowd-pleasing chorus. The electric new single was produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Wade, and he gets a powerful performance out of the talented band.

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Interview: Ollie Baxxter of Broadside


A couple of weeks ago I connected with the lead vocalist of Broadside, Ollie Baxxter, to discuss the band’s latest single called ”One Last Time,” the lessons the band has learned from the previous records (including the great, and anthemic Into The Raging Sea), as well as some of Baxxter’s unique musical influences that he brings into Broadside. The band are currently signed to Sharptone Records and will continue to be releasing new music in the near future with the label.

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Review: Broadside – Into the Raging Sea

Broadside - Into the Raging Sea

The Richmond, Virginia pop-punk band Broadside have been through some intense changes in their lives, and they are still alive to tell the tale on Into The Raging Sea. Lead vocalist Oliver Baxxter looked inward for inspiration on this latest chapter on his band’s journey to finding their own voice in the crowded punk scene. The themes of overcoming the odds, growing up, and finding inspiration for a “rebirth” of sorts are prevalent on this record. When asked about his plan for overcoming all of the past heartache and the current state of his life, Baxxter said, “From the very beginning, my attitude was: I don’t have shit to look forward to, and everything behind me is trash, so I’m going to make myself the hero of my own story. I’ve always known struggle. As I get older, it’s more mental than physical, but it’s always there.” By taking his own lumps and persevering through it all, Baxxter becomes an instantly relatable presence for the misplaced army of his followers. Into the Raging Sea is a sprawling collection of songs that teeter on the edge of epic proportions, and every now and then Broadside meet their lofty goals on this expansive record.

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