Review: Charlotte Sands – Good Now EP

”No I’ll never be all right, but maybe I’ll get close…” Charlotte Sands sings vulnerably on the single “Alright,” as she now has a true home for the great song on the Good Now EP. Sands stormed onto the music scene by being at the tip of the tongue of bands, like The Maine and Sleeping With Sirens, with key collaborations on singles such as “Loved You A Little,” and she continues her trajectory in the right direction with this latest collection of songs found here. The EP finds Charlotte Sands exploring the realm of possibilities that she can take her music next, and makes all the right moves on arguably her most dramatic and immediate record to date.

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Interview: Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands

This past week, I was able to catch up with Charlotte Sands for an interview about her new single called “Alright.” We also discussed who her trusted “inner circle” of people are when she wants to get feedback on her music, plus how she feels about being asked to be on so many high-profile collaborations. Charlotte Sands has major plans for this year, including an extensive headlining tour, and is ready for her moment.

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