Chase Tremaine – Accidental Days (Deluxe Edition) Track-by-Track

Chase Tremaine

This past week, I was able to chat with Chase Tremaine to discuss his deluxe reissue of Accidental Days. The deluxe edition of the album has been re-released today on Bandcamp, and it features ten new bonus tracks, plus commentary on the ten main album songs. I continue to be impressed by Chase’s extensive work ethic, and I hope this track-by-track sheds some light on his creative process.

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Review: Chase Tremaine – Accidental Days

It’s really a treat to watch an artist blossom gracefully as they release new music that they believe in. Chase Tremaine has returned with his third full-length studio album, Accidental Days, that was produced by Brendan St. Gelais, and Tremaine really does a great job of capturing what I love most about guitar-driven pop songs. Tremaine has mapped out a comprehensive musical landscape that could very well be his best work yet, and it’s certainly my favorite of his to date. Through these ten songs that are filled with passion and purpose, Tremaine makes Accidental Days a labor of love, while wearing his influences of bands like Thrice, Mae and other prominent artists in the scene into a beautiful composition of music.

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Review: Chase Tremaine – My Heart Settled In The Middle

Sometimes you hear a great new single, and it makes you immediately clamor for hearing more from that artist. This is exactly what happened to me when singer-songwriter Chase Tremaine sent me over his new single called “Middle Of My Words.” The track features everything you’d want in a great-sounding alternative rock song: lush guitar riffs, smooth vocals, as well as few “studio tricks” to keep things moving on the right trajectory for an artist. Tremaine shared on Bandcamp about what inspired this latest EP: “Ironically, these three tracks are also taken directly from the middle stretch of my upcoming third studio album, Accidental Days. I decided to put this EP together after realizing that I would not be able to release Accidental Days in 2022 as originally planned. The full album is now due in early 2023, and I think this EP makes a fitting standalone project as I ask you, my friends, to wait a few extra months before getting to hear the full thing.” By crafting a three-song EP filled with so much promise and poise, Chase Tremaine is able to re-ignite excitement for fans of his music, while still teasing all of the new possibilities of what is to come on his third full-length record next year.

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Interview: Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine

A little bit of time ago, I was able to catch up with singer-songwriter Chase Tremaine to discuss the re-release of his sophomore record Development and Compromise, my adoration for his debut called Unfall, as well as a lot about what the future has in store for his musical path ahead. I really enjoyed hearing about what made Chase want to explore his musical journey, and hear about his influences that he draws inspiration from.

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Sponsor: Chase Tremaine Releases New Album

Chase Tremaine

Longtime supporter Chase Tremaine is back with his sophomore album, Development & Compromise.  This new set sees the Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist pushing the emo-pop of his debut album Unfall in new directions, pulling from punk, prog, and jazz, resulting in twelve tracks that are as fun and catchy as they are raw and introspective. The album has received favorable comparisons from Chorus users to the likes of Thrice, The Dear Hunter, Mae, and Mew. Development & Compromise is now available wherever you stream music. Also, if you purchase the album on Bandcamp for only $6, you will be mailed a CD copy of the album and you will be contributing to Chase’s crowdfunding goal for a limited run of vinyl. (If the funding goal is met, everyone who made a Bandcamp purchase will also receive a discount code for the vinyl record.)

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Review: Chase Tremaine – Development and Compromise

Chase Tremaine

The sophomore album from Chase Tremaine called Development & Compromise is truly a labor of love, as much as it’s a thorough exploration in what it means to find your place in this crazy thing called life. The album was recorded over a ten-day span, and was produced, engineered, and mixed by Sean Power at the Hilson Studio. Whereas Tremaine’s debut (Unfall) took an introspective look at his search for finding his “true north,” this album expands upon these thematic elements with a more universal approach to investigating the human element of life with rich musical landscapes. While not as immediately gratifying as his debut record, Development & Compromise rewards the listener on repeat listens as you dive headfirst into everything Tremaine has set forth on this comprehensive album.

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Review: Chase Tremaine – Unfall

Chase Tremaine - Unfall

On Chase Tremaine’s debut solo album,Unfall, the Dallas-born singer-songwriter shines all over the record in an album almost entirely written and performed by Tremaine himself. The strengths found onUnfall are natural to notice right from the first listen: brilliant harmonies, intricate and layered guitars, as well as precise beats and pop hooks. Tremaine’s time spent playing in several Nashville-based bands is apparent, as he showcases a full breadth of styles and genre-blending on his debut LP. Over the 10-song, 46-minute record, Tremaine confidently takes the listener on an ear candy journey filled with a professional sounding album that was produced by Zach Lardy. Tremaine never loses focus on this record and delivers a strong introduction to his solo career.

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Sponsor: My Thanks to Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine

My thanks to Chase Tremaine for sponsoring the website this week. Chase has been a longtime member of our community and regularly posts in the forums, just reading the thread about his new song earlier this week shows how much of a regular he is. He is currently prepping to release his debut album Unfall in early 2020 and recently released the lead single “Matter.” I encourage everyone to check it out.

If you enjoy the single, check out the pre-order bundles, available for a limited time via Kickstarter.

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Sponsor: Chase Tremaine Launches Pre-Order and Debuts New Music

Chase Tremaine

Long time member, and supporter, Chase Tremaine, is prepping to release his debut album Unfall in early 2020. The lead single “Matter” is out now. Recording all the vocals, drums, and guitars himself, Tremaine makes highly melodic, highly rhythmic songs where the two halves of “pop-rock” do not dilute one another, but instead mix; you get both the cacophonous energy of rock and the catchy euphoria of pop. With influences that span the history of emo (Jimmy Eat World, The Academy Is…, Foxing), his music has garnered comparisons from fans to the likes of Paramore, Switchfoot, Mae, and at times, even Dance Gavin Dance.

If you enjoy the single, check out the pre-order bundles, available for a limited time via Kickstarter.

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