Blink-182 Replacing Frank Ocean at Coachella


Blink-182 will replace Frank Ocean this weekend at Coachella:

After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1. Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity. 

“On doctor’s advice, [Ocean] is not able to perform weekend 2 due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.”

The statement concludes with a statement from Ocean: “‘It was chaotic. There is some beauty in chaos. It isn’t what I intended to show but I did enjoy being out there and I’ll see you soon.’ — Frank Ocean.

Coachella Music Festival Moving to 2022



The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is moving from October 2021 to April of 2022, two industry sources with knowledge of the situation tell Variety. It is expected that the country-music themed Stagecoach festival, which takes place the weekend after Coachella’s two weekends, will move as well.

Reps for Goldenvoice, the event’s promoter, and AEG Presents, its parent company, either declined or did not respond to Variety’s requests for comment.

Coachella 2020 Reportedly Canceled


Coachella has reportedly been canceled for 2020 after AEG layoffs:

AEG, the global concert promoter and entertainment facility manager, instituted its deepest staff cuts in the company’s history Monday, laying off 15% of its workforce, furloughing more than 100 employees across multiple divisions at the company and instituting 20–50% pay cuts.

Founder of Coachella Talks With the LA Times


The founder of Coachella talked with the LA Times about a variety of topics, including the controversial “radius clause:”

The radius clause is part of all business to some extent. You can’t put a car dealer every block; a car dealer has a region. These artists generally come back later that year. Sometimes two more times that year. So it’s just a moment of time that there’s a radius clause on that. Ours is more for that first part of the year right before Coachella.

Human beings trying to make a living playing shows, car dealerships, same thing.

Kanye West Pulled Out of Coachella Because the Festival Wouldn’t Build Him a Giant Dome

Kanye West

David Brooks, writing at Billboard:

When senior executives from Coachella parent Goldenvoice explained that the dome would be impossible to build in four months and would require the AEG-owned concert promoter to rearrange the entire festival site and remove a large section of portable bathrooms, West became irritated, declaring that he was an artist with a creative vision who shouldn’t be spending his time talking about port-a-potties.

Coachella Enacting New Safety Policies


Coachella is enacting a new initiative to fight assault and sexual harassment:

This year, Coachella announced its most thorough efforts yet to prevent and combat sexual harassment and assault. The program, which the Goldenvoice-produced festival is calling “Every One,” is a new endeavor comprised of fan resources and policies designed to not only prevent sexual misconduct but to improve how the festival deals with it.

Organizations and activists have long called for such policies and pressured events to work harder to fix these problems. Increasingly, those that stay silent are not only risking fan backlash but in danger of being out of step with today’s cultural climate.

AEG chairman, Philip Anschutz, who oversees Goldenvoice, is still out there pushing for the exact opposite with his political donations, however.

Sexual Harassment Was Rampant at Coachella 2018


Vera Papisova, writing for Teen Vogue:

Despite all of that, this year’s Coachella experience was also full of moments I never saw on Instagram: being repeatedly violated by strangers. In the three days I was at Coachella, I only spent a total of 10 hours at the actual festival, where I watched numerous performances and interviewed festivalgoers about their experience with sexual assault and harassment for Teen Vogue. During the 10 hours I was reporting on this story, I was groped 22 times.