Lorde and David Byrne Interview Each Other

Rolling Stone

Lorde and David Byrne interviewed each other for Rolling Stone:

Byrne: I don’t mind. I’ve learned the hard way that you do have to play some of the hits for the audience.

Lorde: Did you use to not play them?

Byrne: Just one tour [in 1989]. I started working with a very large Latin band, and there were a few older songs that I could work in there, but a lot of them didn’t fit that musical style, so I was doing 80 percent new stuff that the audience had never heard. That’s something in our business that always puzzles me. It’s not like a movie, where you’re not expected to do that scene that you did: “The one before that we really liked. Can you just repeat that again?”

Lorde: True, that’s a funny way of thinking about that.

Byrne: But it’s also true that music has a different thing. Music is repeatable that way and can move people again.