Hayley Williams Gives Health Update


Hayley Williams of Paramore gave a health update on the band’s Discord and mentioned the band is back in the studio.

Zac and Taylor and I also just want to get back to making things. We’ve been craving that for a while now. Not only the creative process but the layer(s) of insulation that can come with the creative process. For me, when we get into this mode it always feels nice to disappear in a way.

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Hayley Williams Is Seeing Red

Hayley Williams

Los Angeles Magazine talked with Hayley Williams:

“It feels like a crazy victory lap and she’s not even close to the end of her career,” Williams says of the stadium trek. “It’s just so historic to be a part of it. Both [Taylor and I] started really young and we’ve grown up alongside our fan bases, and that makes both of our stories really unique in a way that we get to come together from two different sides of the industry. Paramore isn’t quite mainstream, but people know our band, and we’ve had a really lucky, long career thus far. For both of us to be feeling like we’re in our prime now in our early thirties, career-wise, that’s just so special, and we don’t take it for granted. I’m so grateful that all these years later, we’ve stayed connected.”

Williams’ favorite Swift era? “Speak Now — since it came out it’s been my favorite Taylor record ever,” she enthuses. “The fact that I got to be on Taylor’s version of a vault track [“Castles Crumbling”] was just like kismet. I really got to know her when she was writing that record and I was so enamored. … She is the epitome of a songwriter, you know, just someone that will stop in the middle of your conversation and say, I have to write this down, or I have to record this. I was so in love with how passionate and present she always was.”