The Meaning Behind ‘After Laughter’

Hayley Williams of Paramore explained the meaning behind the band’s new album title, After Laughter, to iHeartRadio:

After Laughter is about the look on people’s faces when they’re done laughing. If you watch somebody long enough, there’s always this look that comes across their face when they’re done smiling, and I always find it really fascinating to wonder what it is that brought them back to reality. So, that’s what After Laughter is.

Happy Paramore Day


Paramore have released a video for their new single “Hard Times.” They’ve also announced that their new album, After Laughter, will be out on May 12th. Pre-orders are now up and the track listing and album artwork can be found below. The band also sat down with The New York Times for a really fascinating interview:

“You can run on the fumes of being a teenager for as long as you want, but eventually life hits you really hard,” Ms. Williams, a mighty presence who barely cracks five feet, explained last month, speaking for the first time about the tumultuous period since Paramore last released an album, in 2013. “I didn’t even know if we were going to make another record,” she said. “There was a moment when I didn’t even want it to happen. Then it was like, I want it to happen, but I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”

I’ll say this: The band couldn’t have written an album more in my wheelhouse for my current musical tastes. I like it a lot.

Maybe Some New Paramore Soon?

According to multiple fans on Reddit, Hayley Williams tweeted, and then deleted, “Friday” earlier this morning. Maybe a new Paramore single this week? I sure hope so (even if I don’t really trust Reddit).

Update: After looking around I can’t find any solid evidence this was actually tweeted. I’m calling bullshit for now.

Paramore’s New Album Is Finished

Zach Farro of HalfNoise talked a little about the new Paramore album in a recent interview:

It’s all finished. We’re just figuring out the logistics of when to release it and everything. With HalfNoise it’s just me and a couple of managers, and we work pretty closely, but Paramore is a worldwide known band. There’s a lot of chefs in the kitchen, and figuring all that stuff out… the goal is definitely to release it this year, but I can’t really touch base and even if we had a set day we were telling people, things change so much. But the record is finished.

Chrissy Costanza Praises Hayley Williams

Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current posted an open letter to Paramore’s Hayley Williams on Twitter:

I had no idea how to be a frontwoman. How to command a room. I didn’t know how to allow myself to be empowered. I wasn’t cool, I wasn’t powerful, I wasn’t a leader. Hayley changed that. She showed me that it’s ok for girls to get mad. It’s ok for girls to be powerful, to lead, to command, to conquer.”

It’s ok to break down that door and stomp on the implicit “no girls allowed” sign. It’s ok to stand for something. It’s ok to stand for being yourself when everyone wants to tell you how you should be, how a girl should be. The years changed, the hair colours changed, the music changed, but the empowering spirit never changed. She inspired me 7 years ago the day I first listened to Riot! and she has inspired me every day since.

Paramore to Feature on ‘Purpose Hotel’ Soundtrack

Paramore, Imogen Heap, and Dave Barnes will all be part of the ‘Purpose Hotel’ soundtrack. Rolling Stone reports:

Cowart has a Kickstarter campaign underway now for the Purpose Hotel, which he hopes to begin in Nashville and then expand globally. It will be a place where absolutely everything inside benefits a worthy cause: The high-speed internet fee will go to an initiative fighting human trafficking; the furniture creation will provide jobs for people in need; the soaps and shampoos will be made by women who’ve survived violence, addiction and other devastating hardships. The list goes on and on. Each room in the Purpose Hotel will also sponsor a child’s education, with a plaque on each door telling that child’s story.