Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack

The concept behind the Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack was fairly unique. The soundtrack was produced by Tyler Bates (Watchmen, Guardians of the Galaxy) and he organized key artist contributors that were already well-versed in the lore of DC Comics cannon. Bates also entrusted several musicians from our scene to lend their voice-over talents to the animated show called “Sonic Metalverse,” which included key parts from Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) as Batman, Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra) as Lex Luthor, just to name a few. Based on this experience, Tyler Bates asked several bands to use this experience to channel their artistic energy into this soundtrack of songs premised on how these characters’ would have interpreted these events through their lens of their bands’ music. The Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack is the perfect love letter to the complex past surrounding the unique character arcs of each of the legendary DC Comics characters, and features brand new songs from Chelsea Wolfe, Manchester Orchestra, Grey Daze, and Soccer Mommy, among many other talented artists.

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Ten Years Since ‘The Dark Knight’

It’s been ten years since the release of The Dark Knight. Matt Patches writes about the film over at Polygon:

The Dark Knight is elegantly excessive, a confluence of Nolan’s film-tech obsessions, philosophical puzzles, and wealth of popcorn movie knowledge. Everything that can be explored — architecture, performance, film chemistry, noir tropes, screenwriting “rules,” practical special effects, Ethics 101, action geography, orchestral sound, the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale, pragmatic costuming, the spectrum of humor, truck mechanics — is explored.

The lead-up to this movie, my massive expectations, and then finally seeing it and it being as good as I wanted, was maybe the most fulfilling moviegoing experience of my life. It remains one of my favorite movies to this day.

Zack Snyder Steps Down From ‘Justice League’ to Deal With Family Tragedy

Zack Snyder is stepping away from the Justice League movie in the wake of a family tragedy. Borys Kit, writing for The Hollywood Reporter:

Snyder tells The Hollywood Reporter he is stepping away from Justice League, Warner Bros.’ all-star DC Comics superhero mega-movie that is in postproduction, in order to deal with the sudden death of his daughter. Snyder’s wife, Deborah Snyder, who is a producer on Justice League, also is taking a break to focus on the healing of their family.