Diamond States – “While You Were Sleeping” (Song Premiere)

Diamond States

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to the power pop band known as Diamond States. While some have classified their sound as “American Britpop,” this band features a nice blend of Alternative Rock, dream pop, and indie rock in a package that is sure to leave you feeling better about the prospects for new music today. “While You Were Sleeping” is a tribute to the band’s guitarist Bryan Frazier’s late friend, Rob Fisher, who passed away in 2016. As Frazier puts it, “‘While You Were Sleeping’ is sort of a one-sided conversation with Rob. Just imagining that he’s still out there somewhere, and that we’ll meet again someday.” The single was mixed by veteran producer/engineer Brian Reeves (U2, Sparks, Rooney), and sounds as heavenly as its likely intended to be.

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