Keith Buckley Profiled in Revolver

There’s a new profile of Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die in Revolver:

Spoiler: The hero lives. But the last half-decade of Buckley’s life that Radicalchronicles — spiritually dying only to be resuscitated, then rejuvenated and finally built back stronger than ever — really begins at the start of it all. Buckley’s unique upbringing in Western New York, the trajectory of his life throughout his teens and twenties, and how he lost himself in his thirties only to rediscover his purpose just when he thought all hope was already in the rearview. This is Keith Buckley’s life story.

Keith Buckley Interview With Kerrang

Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die sat down with Kerrang:

Nineteen months down the line, everything has changed. Keith is a year sober. He has separated from his wife. He speaks to us this sunny Friday afternoon from Zuzana’s space in the tricked-out RV, having left his house behind to pitch up in woodland 100 miles from the city: palatial princess turrets are printed on her bunk curtains, with an incongruous plushie bat dangling from the ceiling. There is a serendipity, he stresses, in that Radical is finally seeing the light of day now that he’s had time to fully comprehend – and enact – the changes he was willing into existence across the record’s 16 songs. 

Interview: Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

It’s been five long years but the new gods of Buffalo are set to return with their most complete and powerful album yet. RadicalEvery Time I Die’s ninth full-length – features 16 of the band’s most personal, vulnerable, and heaviest songs yet with a couple of new wrinkles and twists thrown in for good measure. Vocalist Keith Buckley has been to hell and back and has lived to tell it, as the veteran frontman took time out of his busy schedule to cut it up with me about sitting on the record during a pandemic, his newfound writing style, and Malignant.

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