Interview: Chris Farren

Chris Farren

Earlier this month, Chris Farren released his latest full length album Doom Singer. The propulsive power-pop record features Farren’s biggest yet most vulnerable songs ever, as he tackles nagging self-doubts and shortcomings all while the world continually falls apart around us. The addition of Macseal drummer Frankie Impastato and the production from Jay Som’s Melina Duterte, Farren was able to take his soaring choruses and musical idiosyncrasies to new levels, resulting in one of 2023’s best records. Below Chris and I discuss our favorite songs on the record, the making of Doom Singer, the creative process behind his music videos, and Buddy.

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Interview: Drowse – Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate) (Song Premiere + Interview)


Drowse has delivered some of the best electronic and experimental music over the past few years dating back to their 2018 Flenser debut Cold Air. Now four years later with death, pandemic, and intense introspection all occurring in between, Kyle Bates is back with Drowse’s stunning fourth album, Wane Into It. As challenging as it is dark, Wane Into It explores how we curate the memories we want others to remember us by and how the internet plays an integral role in that. It’s a hyperrealistic and surreal look into loss, death, and all the anxiety that gets wrapped up into it. Today we are proud to premiere the final taste of Wane Into It before it releases on November 11th – the penultimate track “Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate).” A gentle acoustic strum paces the eight-and-a-half minute track before descending into sinister tones, all while Bates airy vocals chronicle what we lose due to distance and memory. But before we get into that, Kyle and I discussed the new record, what spurred some of the themes on Wane Into It, and ultimately what he hopes this record accomplishes. Check that out and “Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate)” below.

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Interview: Mike York of Pianos Become The Teeth

Pianos Become the Teeth

It’s been four years since Pianos Become The Teeth have released any new music. But after scrapping one record and reuniting with producer Kevin Bernsten, the Baltimore quintet is back with their most challenging and immersive record yet, Drift. A 37-minute journey through the night, Drift exhibits the most thrilling musical work from the band yet, ranging from pulsating tracks like “The Tricks” and “Genevieve” to murkier, groovier numbers like “Skiv” and “Mouth.” I chatted with guitarist Mike York about the inspiration and creation of Drift, the unique sonic dynamics of the record, and more.

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Expert Timing – New Queen (Song Premiere)

Expert Timing

Expert Timing returns with their sophomore outing Stargazing, its sound carrying an emotional punch that harkens back to the early emo of Hot Rod Circuit and Hey Mercedes. The record drops on September 23rd via Count Your Lucky Stars Records but we have an exclusive taste with the band’s latest single “New Queen.” Vocalist/bassist Katrina Snyder describes the track as:

It’s incredibly frustrating when you deep dive history and find that women have always been behind so many of the biggest events in history, yet their stories weren’t told and names were rarely printed. Even now, most women can tell you a circumstance in which her accomplishments were pushed aside or credit taken in favor of a man being in the spotlight. “New Queen” is about those forgotten women and celebrating them.

Check it out below and pre-order it on vinyl here.

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Interview: Ben Jorgensen of Armor For Sleep

Armor for Sleep

Even though it’s been 15 years since Armor For Sleep released a new full-length, Ben Jorgensen never buried the idea of another record from the New Jersey emo-adjacent legends. After a handful of successful 15 16-year anniversary shows for their second record What To Do When You Are Dead, Armor For Sleep reunited with Equal Vision Records to release the band’s fourth album The Rain Museum, a 12-track collection that pushes the signature AFS sound to new boundaries. I recently sat down with Jorgensen to discuss the origin of the record, working with Equal Vision again, the emo revival, and the lasting legacy of What To Do When You Are Dead.

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Cremation Lily – “Wavering Blood” (Song Premiere)

Cremation Lily

Today I’m beyond stoked to help premiere Cremation Lily’s latest track “Wavering Blood,” pulled from Dreams Drenched in Static, the UK-based artist and multi-instrumentalist’s debut album for The Flenser. It’s one of my favorite songs from a stunning record – Zen Zsigo has created an atmosphere drenched in reverb and booming ambiance. The record drops on April 15th and is available to pre-order now.

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Warren Franklin – January (feat. Max Bemis) (Song Premiere)

Warren Franklin

Warren Franklin is back with their new song “January,” which features vocals from Max Bemis. The song is from the band’s upcoming EP, Second April, which will be available digitally and physically on April 1st (pre-order here). The band described the song as:

”January” was the song that sparked the whole record. We wrote the song with Max in mind and he brought so much life to it. It was inspired by songs like Dancing in The Dark, Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers and Mitski’s Nobody. Songs that sound so infectious and fun on the surface, but carry a deep sadness in them once you dig beyond that. That’s January for me.

Check out the song below.

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Drew Beringer’s Top Albums of 2021

Best of 2021

unfortunately 2021 felt a lot like 2020, huh? we’re fighting another wave of covid as I type this, our government is still putzing around, 40% of the country refuses to listen to science, etc. so that’s a major bummer but thankfully I’m vaxxed and boosted and if you are too, thank you. for me personally, the past 12 months were a whirlwind. my wife and I bought our first house this fall and a month ago we welcomed our first child into the hell world, a beautiful baby boy. so I can’t be anything but thankful for that. hopefully 2022 brings better things for all of us. anyways, below are the albums and EPs I liked the most – thanks for reading as always.

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Interview: Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

It’s been five long years but the new gods of Buffalo are set to return with their most complete and powerful album yet. RadicalEvery Time I Die’s ninth full-length – features 16 of the band’s most personal, vulnerable, and heaviest songs yet with a couple of new wrinkles and twists thrown in for good measure. Vocalist Keith Buckley has been to hell and back and has lived to tell it, as the veteran frontman took time out of his busy schedule to cut it up with me about sitting on the record during a pandemic, his newfound writing style, and Malignant.

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Parting – ‘Unmake Me’ (Album Premiere)


Parting is essentially a revivalist-emo super group consisting of Keith Latinen (Empire! Empire!), Ben Hendricks (Annabel), Gooey Fame (ex-Dowsing), and John Guynn (Hawk & Son). Latinen and Hendricks signature vocals pace the upbeat and melodic sound – their debut album Unmake Me is a must-listen for any fan of the genre. The collection drops this Friday but we got an exclusive first taste. Check it out below and pre-order it here.

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Interview: Missy Dabice of Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy

Like many artists this past year, 2020 was a challenging one for Mannequin Pussy. Just a few months removed from releasing Patience – their first record for Epitaph Records – the world was shut down by COVID-19. After discovering that creating new music in a socially distant type of way wasn’t working, the Philadelphia-based trio booked time at Will Yip’s Studio 4 to spark some creativity. What emerged was the Perfect EP – a five-track collection that showcases the best of Mannequin Pussy’s sound while also displaying a tenderness within. From the booming passion of “Control” and “To Lose You” to the abrasive thrash of the title track and “Pigs is Pigs,” Mannequin Pussy continues to evolve their style in incredibly special and diverse ways. Below, guitarist/vocalist Missy Dabice and I discuss being creative during a global pandemic, working with Yip, and “Drunk II” (of course).

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Interview: Adult Mom

Adult Mom

It’s been quite a long journey for Stevie Knipe to release their third album, Driver. After calling out royalty discrepancies and other issues with former label Tiny Engines and being granted the release from their contract, a pandemic shut down our world and further delayed the release of the album. But armed with a new perspective and a new label in Epitaph Records along with the support system of their partner (and drummer) Olivia Battell and guitarist Allegra Eidinger, Knipe is ready to unleash Driver to the masses – a record that elevates Adult Mom’s knack for infectious and poignant indie-rock to new levels. Here, Knipe and I discuss Driver’s sonic diversity, being a non-binary role model, and our favorite show Grey’s Anatomy.

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Interview: Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw’s new album I Won’t Care How You Remember Me serves as a re-introduction to the Scranton, PA band. For starters, guitarist Colin Gorman and drummer Teddy Roberts were made permanent members, solidifying the band as a quartet once again. But the biggest wrinkle was including Gorman and Roberts in the songwriting mix with original members Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins – fostering a more lively and collaborative setting for the record and resulting in Tigers Jaw’s most ambitious and personal album in their discography. Tracks like “Can’t Wait Forever” and “Lemon Mouth” showcase the new writing dynamic while the title track serves as an all-time highlight – a song that uses its slow build and Andy Hull guest vocals to set the tone of the record. “I think having a group dialogue about each song, and what ideas we had to make each one special and have a distinctive place on the record, was super beneficial to creating something that sounds fresh but still feels authentically like Tigers Jaw” says Walsh. Below, we discussed working with Will Yip, how the Andy Hull collaboration came about, and I Won’t Care How You Remember Me’s writing process.

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Camp Trash – ‘Downtiming’ (Album Premiere)

Camp Trash

Much has been made about if Camp Trash is a real band or not. Sure, we’re heard rumors of such a band existing – hell we’ve even heard a few songs from the mysterious quartet. Today, however, will hopefully serve as evidence that “Camp Trash” is actually “a band” that plays a style of “emotional rock and roll” in the vein of scene staples like The Get Up Kids, Oso Oso, and the like because we are premiering their debut release Downtiming. The four-track extended play will hit streaming services this Friday, January 22nd, via Count Your Lucky Stars Records but you can exclusively stream it here this week (and then smash that pre-order). And just like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, you’ll find your ears believing in the legend of Camp Trash.

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