Art d’Ecco – “Midlife Crisis” (Video Premiere)

Art d'Ecco

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the brand new music video from glam rocker Art d’Ecco called “Midlife Crisis.” The track comes from his upcoming new LP entitled After The Head Rush, and the song relives the glory days of glam rock from the 70’s from transcendent artists like David Bowie. Armed with a plethora of great hooks balanced with a pulsating bass line throughout the song, “Midlife Crisis” finds Art exploring the complexities of growing up and still finding time to dance away the worries. Art shared this about the direction found on After The Head Rush, “I wanted to produce a big, bright, sparkly album. Along the lines of something you hear in a Tears For Fears or Peter Gabriel record, or something Bob Clearmountain would have mixed in the ’80s.” By paying homage to the great artists of the past, while still presenting something new for audiences to gush over, Art d’Ecco remains one of the more interesting artists to watch as this year unfolds.

If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider pre-ordering After The Head Rush here.

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Broke Royals – “Revivalism” (Song Premiere)

Broke Royals

Today is a great day to share the new single from Washington DC’s own power-pop rock band, Broke Royals. The band is set to release their third full-length record called Local Support, and the album was produced by Bartees Strange. Recorded largely during the height of the pandemic, Broke Royals look to regain momentum towards the better days that lie ahead. When asked about the direction they took on this latest album, the band shared:

People forget that, especially in its earliest inception, “Rock music is dance music. Rock music is party music.” In October 2020, right as we first started working on the song, Eddie Van Halen died. It was a gut punch for all of us but extra inspiration to stay true to the mission: make a fun rock song about bringing the party back to life.

Broke Royals have brought the party to the start of your new week, courtesy of this single called “Revivalism.” Local Support will be out everywhere music is sold on July 15th via Byrdland Records.

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Alice Merton – “Loveback” (Song Premiere)

Alice Merton

Today I’m excited to bring everyone the latest single from powerhouse singer Alice Merton called “Loveback.” The track inches closer to the finish line of her June 17th sophomore effort entitled S.I.D.E.S., and this artist would be perfect for fans of Florence and the Machine, Your Smith, and Maggie Rogers. Merton shared this about the latest single:

”‘Loveback’ talks about waking up one day and realizing someone has stolen a part of you that you want back. It was the realization that I didn’t ‘need’ anyone to exist. I was never dependent on anyone or anything, even if it at times felt like it. I felt like I was handing out something I was rarely getting back. At some point I felt like I had forgotten why I’m doing what I’m doing, and felt like I had lost sight of what’s really important to me.”

By setting her sights firmly back on what’s most important in her life, “Loveback” finds Alice Merton simultaneously at her most vulnerable and purposeful. If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider pre-ordering the new record here.

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Nautical Mile – “Follow Me” (Video Premiere)

Nautical Mile

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone a really cool music video for a cover of an Uncle Kracker classic, “Follow Me,” presented in the style of alternative rock/punk band Nautical Mile. The band, who hails from Perth, Australia, have toured with scene heavyweights like Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights and Hands Like Houses and also released an EP of their own tunes recently called Embers. I was able to catch up with Nautical Mile to discuss their cover song, as well as what they’ve been up to musically, and if you’re enjoying the new single, you can purchase it at your favorite streaming service.

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Near Beer – “Yelling At A Dog” (Video Premiere)

Near Beer

Today I’m really excited to bring everyone a new song by LA-based indie rock band, Near Beer, for their electric new single called “Yelling At A Dog.” The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Joey Siara, drummer Brent Stanathan, and bassist Jeremy Levy, and their dedication to their musical craft pays off widely on songs like this. Merged somewhere between the songwriting groove of Tom Petty, the modern flair of Brian Fallon, and the punk rock spirit of The Descendents, Near Beer could very well be your next music obsession. I had the chance to catch up with the band, and if you’re enjoying the new track, please consider purchasing it here.

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Suitable Miss – “Forever” (Video Premiere)

Suitable Miss

Today I’m beyond thrilled to bring everyone the latest music video from Suitable Miss called “Forever.” The song features guest vocals from Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts, and comes from the band’s upcoming album, In Color, out everywhere on May 20th. This band really transcends genres, and there really is a little bit of everything in the mix for fans of all styles of upbeat music. In addition to premiering the video, I was also able to catch up with Suitable Miss to discuss everything that went into this song and the rest of the material found on their new album.

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Andrew Pitrone – “Locket” (Song Premiere)

Andrew Pitrone

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest single from the talented singer-songwriter Andrew Pitrone for his new song called “Locket.” The single is the second single to be released from his upcoming EP, Aurora Montage, out later this year on Lolipop Records. Pitrone had this to say about his new song:

”Locket” is a song about the Idea of committing to someone. In a sense when someone puts a photo in a locket it signifies their commitment to that person, that person in the photographs being extra special to them, in their heart, or close to their heart. If you were going to cut someone into the size of a little locket and shove them into the shape, even in the most loving gentle way, it might sound something like the feeling of the song ‘Locket.’ Suggesting that someone put you in their locket is like suggesting that they should feel free to have that attachment.

With heartfelt vibes and sweeping instrumentation found on this great-sounding single, it’s no wonder why so much buzz surrounds this artist. Pitrone has also shared the music video for this track, and it can be found here.

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Yotam Ben Horin – “In Between The Highs and Lows” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m beyond excited to share the latest music video from Yotam Ben Horin called “In Between The Highs and Lows,” that comes from his upcoming solo album Young Forever. The record will be released on on May 20th via Double Helix Records. If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider pre-ordering Young Forever here. Also,I had the chance to catch up with Horin before the release of this single, and we discussed the direction of the new material.

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Nicotine Dolls – “Till We Both Say” (Video Premiere)

Nicotine Dolls

Today I’m excited to share the latest music video from New York City’s own Nicotine Dolls, for their heartfelt single “Till We Both Say.” The band is comprised of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sam Cieri, lead guitarist John Hays, bassist John Merritt, and drummer Abel Tabares, and the band’s strong chemistry is showcased on songs like this one. With a sound that sways somewhere between the working-man approach of The Gaslight Anthem and the pop sheen of The Maine, Nicotine Dolls are onto something great here.

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Seth Swirsky – ‘Songs From The Green Couch’ (Album Premiere)

Seth Swirsky

Today I’m excited to bring everyone a talented songwriter named Seth Swirsky, who has written several #1 hits for artists like Tina Turner and Celine Dion, and his new album Songs From The Green Couch, a day early. This album of well-constructed indie-pop songs shines through the speakers majestically and leaves the listener in a better mood than they started their day with. Swirsky shared this about the new record:

We all have a ‘safe space’ — a place where we can go and escape from the world. The green couch in my art room in my house is such a space. It was there where most of the songs on this album were written, either on guitar or  with lyrics—thus, the title, Songs From The Green Couch. Rob Campanella, of Brian Jonestown Massacre — who engineered the album— introduced me to two guys in The Triptides: bassist Glenn Brigman and drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar. The three of us (me on most guitars, pianos and mellotrons) became the core of the entire record. I sang all vocals and arranged the live strings. L.A. musicians, Kirk Hellie and Fernando Perdomo contributed their talents on some songs as well. But, as I said, the core was myself and the Triptides, which added a certain ‘toughness’ to my natural pop sensibilities. The record was a two year process: I started writing and recording the record at the beginning of a serious new relationship I was having — it continued during a very painful breakup. Thus, the album oscillates between many hi’s and lo’s for me personally, which are reflected in the lyrics.

If you’re enjoying the exclusive album stream, you won’t have to wait long to purchase the album that releases officially tomorrow.

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Cremation Lily – “Wavering Blood” (Song Premiere)

Cremation Lily

Today I’m beyond stoked to help premiere Cremation Lily’s latest track “Wavering Blood,” pulled from Dreams Drenched in Static, the UK-based artist and multi-instrumentalist’s debut album for The Flenser. It’s one of my favorite songs from a stunning record – Zen Zsigo has created an atmosphere drenched in reverb and booming ambiance. The record drops on April 15th and is available to pre-order now.

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Hey Thanks! – “The Part I Call Myself” (Song Premiere)

Hey Thanks

Today I’m excited to bring you the latest single from the New Orleans indie-pop band, Hey Thanks!, called “The Part I Call Myself.” The band worked on their new album, Start/Living, with veteran producer Gary Cioni (Hot Mulligan, Free Throw), and he really helped this artist put their best foot forward. Hey Thanks! shared this about the new single:

’The Part I Call Myself’ was a song about me overcoming a point in my life where I was belittling my personality to fit the mold of the person I was trying to make happy by slowly sinking myself into their personality/lifestyle. It’s special to me because it marks that I’m in a point of my life where I no longer feel the urge to be someone I’m not. We feel really lucky to have worked with producer Gary Cioni on this, and ‘The Part I Call Myself’ was one of the highlights of recording. We are really proud of this record ‘Start/Living’ and excited to have this song finally available. It’s been an incredible experience working with Iodine Recordings getting the album together and being part of a label with so much history.

If you’re enjoying what you hear on this latest taste of new music, please consider pre-ordering Start/Living here.

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Nick Leng – “Morning / Midnight” and “My Mind Is A Mess In the Morning”

Nick Leng

Today I’m thrilled to share the new double single of “Morning / Midnight” as well as “My Mind is a Mess in the Morning” by a talented singer-songwriter named Nick Leng. Leng is currently supporting the artist, LP, on their Spring North American tour, and the interest in this artist couldn’t be higher with expansive songs like these two. Leng shared this about each song:

I’ve always had trouble writing quotes that summarize songs. It feels like the words can put songs in boxes, and possibly snuff out any personal interpretation a listener might have. In a similar way, when I was finished with ‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning,’ and was thinking about releasing it as a single, it really excited me to pair it with ‘Morning / Midnight.’ They’re equally important to me, and, one might say, quite different. together, I felt like they painted a better picture of what I’m trying to say. 

’My Mind is a Mess in the Morning’ was written while I was living in Topanga in a trailer park which, subsequently, (and arguably hilariously) became rat infested prompting a hasty departure. ‘Morning / Midnight’ was started there as well one late night when I was chopping up a classical piano improvisational piece I had recorded, on a sampler. There’s a video on my Instagram of me playing the melodica in the intro in the morning and the sun peeked through that ended up in the final version. I had considered dividing that intro, with the chopped piano and the ‘second part’ when the beat comes in, into two songs, but the journey of the intro, and duality and sensation of when the bass and kick comes in, had a real story to it that it cemented the conviction that it’s one idea.

If you’re enjoying the two singles, please consider purchasing them from your favorite streaming service via SOTA Records.

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One Armed Joey – “Numbstruck” (Video Premiere)

One Armed Joey

Today I’m excited to bring you the latest taste of new music from the Bay Area’s own punk rock band, One Armed Joey. The new single is called “Numbstruck,” and is taken from their upcoming new album called Happiness, To Me out on May 27th via Sell The Heart Records. One Armed Joey is perfect for fans of melodic punk rock bands like MxPx, Goldfinger, and The Ataris. The band shared this about the new track:

”Numbstruck” is about the anxiety brought on by watching the world and everything around you continuously change, but getting to the point where you’re numb to it all and would rather feel something rather than nothing. I feel like whenever I’m overwhelmed, I look back on simpler times and wish for that naivety, but then realize how selfish that can be. Dealing with significant life changes is a challenge, but accepting and embracing those life changes is even harder.

There couldn’t be a better time to discover another great punk band to add to your collection. If you’re enjoying what you hear, please consider pre-ordering Happiness, To Me here.

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Audio Karate – ‘¡OTRA!’ (Album Premiere)

Audio Karate

Today I’m really excited to bring everyone an exclusive early listen of the new Audio Karate album called ¡OTRA!. The set of songs was produced by Bill Stevenson (The Descendents) and Trever Keith (Face to Face), and it includes rare and unreleased music from the band in a career-spanning set. Jason Camacho shared this about the new record:

While working with Mike Jimenez on the remixes and such on Malo, there were three songs (“Care Carelessly,” “Black Covering,” and “Lovely Residence”) that didn’t fit and that we were generous with overdubs, which was something we did not want for Malo. We had “Do You Miss Meaning Everything to Me” from Space Camp that never saw the light of day, and “Segway,” a Lady Melody outtake that never was released. Seemed fitting to put it out, sort of a like The Smiths Louder than Bombs…not really an album but an album never the less and an essential listen for fans. ¡OTRA! is essential listening for AK fans in my humble opinion, and something that I like quite well.

If you’re enjoying the early album stream, please consider pre-ordering the record here.

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