Crystal Joilena – “The High Priestess” (Behind the Scenes)

Crystal Joilena

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone a cool feature, from an artist named Crystal Joilena, that showcases some exclusive behind the scenes photos from her recently released single and video for “The High Priestess.” Joilena has provided some guest vocals on a track with Motionless In White, and her sound strays somewhere between the dark synths of PVRIS and Evanescence, paired with the pop prowess of The Weeknd.

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MIDNIGHTCHOIR – “Love Crimes” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from NYC-electronic act, MIDNIGHTCHOIR, called “Love Crimes.” The band comes from the mind of Patrick Bobilin, who is a political activist and he shares his unique perspective on the world through great synths and eccentric guitars. The song comes from MIDNIGHTCHOIR’s upcoming LP, Loverboy Molotov, that releases everywhere music is sold on July 14th. I was also able to catch up with Bobilin for a brief interview below.

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Maeve and Quinn – “Jeweler’s Row” (Song Premiere)

Maeve and Quinn

Today I’m excited to bring everyone a great new single from indie pop-rock duo, Maeve & Quinn, called “Jeweler’s Row.” With a sound that fits somewhere in the same realm as Maggie Rogers, Snail Mail, and Soccer Mommy, this duo makes breathtaking vocal hooks and harmonies look effortless. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming LP, Another Door, that releases on September 8th. I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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Hunter and Wolfe – “Famous Friends” (Video Premiere)

Hunter and Wolfe

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from indie rock duo, Hunter & Wolfe, called “Famous Friends.” The song comes from their forthcoming LP I Deserve This, out everywhere music is sold this Summer, and showcases their vibrant contributions to the indie rock genre. The band shared, “‘Famous Friends’ is about mixed emotions, that awkward middle ground between happiness for, and envy of, the successes of others. We fight the urge to measure ourselves against others – especially when our social media are flooded with their accomplishments and good times. Ultimately, ‘Famous Friends’ is about coming to terms with those mixed emotions and arriving at self-acceptance.” I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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PHNTMS – “Coastline” (Song Premiere)


Today is a perfect day to share the latest single from PHNTMS, called “Coastline.” On this electric-charged track, PHNTMS play off of their pop rock influences and bring something incredibly exciting into the mix. The band shared about the song:

’Coastline’ is a song about letting go of your current situation and moving on to what is best for you and your life. Taking a chance to be with the one you love forever. It was inspired by the story of how I left the East Coast to move to Los Angeles to be with my girlfriend, who ended up becoming my wife. It was recorded by producer Courtney Ballard (All Time Low, 5 Seconds to Summer, Grayscale). ‘Coastline’ is a part of a collection of songs to make an EP about moving to the West Coast. ‘Coastline’ was written by Adam Jessamine and April Rose Gabrielli, who sings on the track.

I was able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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Chloe Jane – “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m so excited to introduce everyone to Chloe Jane, a pop singer/songwriter who has all the makings of a star. On her latest single and music video for “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia),” Chloe Jane takes the best of a bad situation in a relationship, and pens a majestic pop single. Chloe shared, “‘No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)’ is about losing patience with someone in a relationship. I gave someone so much of my time and energy and all I got in return was gaslighting and them lying to me. Eventually, I came to my senses and said ‘I gotta go, I don’t have patience for you this time.'” I was also able to cath up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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LARAAJI and KRAMER – “Submersion” (Song Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the new single from LARAAJI & KRAMER called “Submersion.” On this ambient single, this artist channels warm music arrangements paired with sweeping instrumentation in a crowd-pleasing song. When speaking on the new track, the artist shared:

Memory, is an art. Sound, and its visual point of origin, can open our minds to ourselves, and to others. The potential truthful of every sound is strengthened when attached to a formless visual image. ‘Submersion’ is an act of submission, to Memory. It is the most sublime form of surrender, and it holds within itself the power to set us Free.

If you’re enjoying the direction taken here, you can pre-order the full-length record, Baptismal, here. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview below.

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Little Falls Trophy – “Autumn Audio” (Song Premiere)

Little Falls Trophy

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to Little Falls Trophy, the one-man band of Doug Albregts. On his latest single, called “Autumn Audio,” Little Falls Trophy channels his love of The Beatles and great song arrangements in an electric hit. When speaking on his love for the Fab Four, Albregts shared, “They were a trigger point for me because I was not a seasoned songwriter at the time. I was taking notes while watching them as kids, and what struck me was their natural instincts.” Little Falls Trophy’s new album, Dutch Motel, will be available everywhere music is sold on July 21st.

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Nicholas Hamilton – “Alone” (Song Premiere)

Nicholas Hamilton

Today is a great day to share the latest single from actor turned pop singer/songwriter, Nicholas Hamilton, called “Alone.” The song comes from his forthcoming EP, FATE, that will be out this summer. Hamilton shared, “Growing up, and even as I moved into my 20’s, I loved the independence of being on my own. No one to report to or rely on, just me, myself and I. The moment I moved to NYC at the end of 2021, after almost a year of floating around the world, sleeping on couches and shooting movies with barely a cent in my bank account, I felt different. I wanted to experience life with someone. I found myself calling my parents more often, making plans to hang out with friends, just to escape the suddenly dreaded feeling of being alone. ‘Alone’ was born out of this sensation, which was as foreign to me as the city I’d just moved to. ‘Alone’ is not what it once was. Remember when it was nice?'” I was also able to catch up with Nicholas for a brief interview below.

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Mighty Tortuga – “Rearview” (Song Premiere)

Mighty Tortuga

Today I’m excited to bring everyone an early listen from Connecticut emo band, Mighty Tortuga, called “Rearview.” The song comes from their forthcoming EP The Plague Inside Your Head, that was produced by Fred Mascherino (The Color Fred, Taking Back Sunday) and will be released everywhere music is sold on June 8th. You can pre-order the EP here. I was also able to catch up with guitarist Jacob Berberich for a brief interview below.

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Bedroom – “Thread” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the new LP from indie folk artist, Bedroom, called Thread. From the mind of Noah Kittinger, Thread is a stunning portrait of self-exploration, as this artist aims to find his place in life after a tumultuous period both in his personal life and artistry. “This record is the result of many years of dedication to the craft and to continuing this career, of me being pretty creatively lost for a long time and then finding my new self in music that I was searching for,” says Kittinger. “It’s a testament to independent artistry. [Bedroom] isn’t an industry-designed project. ‘Thread’ is a very organic body of work that is the result of many years of just pushing.” If you’re ready to discover your next favorite artist, Bedroom invites you in.

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Zoon – “Dodem” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single and music video from Zoon, called “Dodem.” On this great-sounding track, Zoon channels their love for lush string arrangements paired with breathtaking pop sensibilities in a crowd-pleasing song. While speaking on the latest single, Zoon shared:

In Ojibway, ‘dodem’ means the clan you’re from. I’m from the Ma’iingan clan, wolf clan. I wanted to honour that word because I learnt a lot about where I come from. I wrote ‘dodem’ while living on the reservation with my father. He had taken me in during one of my worst relapses and I felt very vulnerable but used my time there to write. I remember clearly my uncle saying ‘that’s a hit!,’ I remember thinking maybe a rez hit.

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LOVEBREAKERS – “Attracted To Your Fashion”


Today I’m excited to share with everyone the new single and music video from LOVEBREAKERS, that comes from their forthcoming album Wonder, called “Attracted To Your Fashion.” The band recently toured Europe with punk veterans Social Distortion and appear poised for their musical moment. The band shared:

”‘Attracted To Your Fashion” is about the first time I met my girlfriend. We were chatting online, and I was instantly hooked by the way she dressed. She wore vintage clothes with no labels and did her hair and makeup like she was from LA. I remember being obsessed with her fashion sense before we got to know each other on a personal level. I wrote the song with her in mind, and I added in aspects like the pin badges and all the other girls being jealous. I wanted the song to be a celebration of being attracted to somebody before you meet them. It has a sense of excitement and anticipation, which was how I felt the first time I saw her. After we got chatting, we instantly had chemistry. We are now 9 years into our relationship, and I’m still attracted to her dress sense and many other things!

If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider purchasing their music here.

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American Thrills – “Follow You Down” (Video Premiere)

American Thrills

Today is a great day to share a Gin Blossoms cover of “Follow You Down” by Connecticut band, American Thrills. On this 8-bit stylized video, American Thrills offer a unique take on a 90’s Alt-Rock classic. The band shared, “Growing up in the 90’s the Gin Blossoms got heavy rotation on my boom-box. The records they put out during that time are timeless and still have an incredible influence on the music we are making today. We also had trouble finding the right DJ to finish off our Limp Bizkit cover, so we had to roll with the Blossoms banger.” American Thrills’ debut LP still has a few vinyl copies available left here.

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