Patrick Stump Discusses “Merry Spidey Christmas”

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump talked with Consequence about “Merry Christmas Spidey” from the Marvel show.

Honestly I just had fun with it. And being even more honest, I had had the “Christmas Christmas Christmas” melody kicking around my brain for years without a place to use it, so somehow when I saw the phrase “Merry Spidey Christmas,” the rest of the song sort of wrote itself.

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Patrick Stump Talks With Screen Rant

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy talks with Screen Rant about doing the theme song for Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

The morning of the meeting, I got an email just letting me know what the show was going to be, what it was going to be about, and what the characters were. I was kind of taking it slow, so I was still in my pajamas. I opened up my phone, I looked at this, and I got so excited. I wrote the song pretty much in 10 minutes in my head, just reading the thing, I was like, “It should sound like this!” And then I’m scrambling to put on real clothes and drive over to the studio, humming guitar parts into my voice notes at the stoplight.

Basically, by the time I got to the meeting, I had a fully recorded song. And this is the first time they’re meeting me, this was the “get to know you” thing. I was like, “I have something,” and it ended up being one of those magic things that doesn’t happen that often. But sometimes as a creative person, every so often you have one of those things where it just is exactly right. Your first thought is exactly right. So, I played them the song that I wrote that morning, and it’s pretty much what you hear in the show now.

Patrick Stump Interviews Chris Conley

Saves the Day

Patrick Stump talked with Chris Conley of Saves the Day about Through Being Cool and its impact:

Yeah, I think if we had met the right person at that time—like if we had met Luke Wood at that time, we would have signed with him. Let’s say we didn’t meet people that felt familiar, like they’re from our world of music, and they get it there. They support artists, and it’s not just about making a profit or whatever. But eventually, we did find them in Vagrant Records. They were the same kind of people that we knew from Equal Vision. They were just on the West Coast, and they had a slightly bigger operation at the time. And that felt comfortable. The Get Up Kids had signed to Vagrant.

It’s interesting to think back if we had signed to a major label based on Through Being Cool. I think they would have wanted us to keep making that same record to make it a brand. And I think for me as a songwriter, I just would have flinched at that. And I wouldn’t have made it through that. I just would have given it all up.

Patrick Stump – “Deep Blue Love”

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump has shared “Deep Blue Love” from the upcoming soundtrack to Spell.

“Brendan gave me a real chance as a composer,” says Stump of working with director Brendan Walter on the soundtrack to “Spell.” “I was allowed to explore elements of my writing that I could never have without the narrative of the film. This score was fantastic to work on because I got to play with the film’s theme of emotional ambiguity: How much of this is actually happening? How much of this is in Benny’s Head? Is he working towards achieving a goal or is he being consumed by some kind of ominous horror? Asking and in some cases answering those questions with music was a real thrill.”

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