Fidlar Breakdown Their New Album


Fidlar have done a track by track breakdown of their new album for Consequence of Sound:

So, I grew up in Hawaii. [“Get Off My Rock”] originally started as a song about Los Angeles. It was supposed to be “Get Off My Block.” In the neighborhood I moved into, there was just a lot of backlash for people moving into it, you know? Gentrification and everything like that. When I went back to Hawaii, I saw it at a whole different scale. I hadn’t gone back to Hawaii in three years, and I went back and just saw my neighborhood totally change.

It was basically one of the first ideas written for this record. That song was an experiment that was like, basically, how do you get away with doing a song like that without any punk drums or whatever. It was […] more like a Beastie Boys vibe than anything. We just used a bunch of drum machines and stuff like that instead of a bunch of guitar pedals and guitars and distortion. It was a weird experiment that just took on a life of its own I guess.