Review: Foo Fighters – But Here We Are

The concept of death is something I’ve never really been comfortable with, and I often have a difficult time discussing the topic with others. The reality is that it’s a part of life, and when it comes, it can rip through the very fabric of our well-being. On the eleventh studio album from Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl found himself at an uncomfortable, but yet all-too-familiar crossroads where he would be faced with the death of a band member. He and his bandmates have crafted an incredible tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins with a record that he surely would have been proud of. The album was produced by the band and Greg Kurstin, who was at the helm of three other Foo Fighters records. But Here We Are tugs on all the right heartstrings and recognizes that the most important step after a tragedy is the one moving forward.

On the opening song and lead single, “Rescued,” Grohl sings still in utter shock with the lyrics of, “It came in a flash / It came out of nowhere / It happened so fast / And then it was over.” His ability to keep his composure through the comprehension of his enormous loss of a great friend makes this tragedy seem larger than life itself. The build up to the chorus is equally remarkable as Grohl admits, “We’re all free to some degree / To dance under the lights / I’m just waiting to be rescued / Bring me back to life.” The band rallies around their fallen drummer and makes a memorable opening statement.

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