Sonny Moore Talks About From First to Last on Red Carpet


Sonny Moore talked with Alternative Press on the Grammy red carpet about his return to From First to Last:

When Major asked him if was back in From First To Last “for good,” Moore said: “I left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore.”

He continues: “I’m not stopping what I’m doing with Skrillex either, but I haven’t left anymore.”

On if a full album is on the way, Moore says: “We’ll see.”

Review: From First To Last – From First To Last

From First To Last – From First To Last

To be honest, before even listening to my copy of From First To Last’s new self-titled album, I was thinking of how many horrible puns I could create using former vocalist Sonny Moore’s name. But because I’m just a Neanderthal, I couldn’t come up with any decent ones. Unfortunate for me (fortunate for you, though). 

Seriously, though, From First To Last have encounter more drama over the past year than the entire first season of A Shot At Love. After Moore quit to go make his own music, the band was dropped by Capital Records and seriously considered breaking up. Instead guitarist Matt Good took over lead vocals, the band picked up a permanent bassist in Matt Manning, and they were picked up by Suretone Records. Armed with a new home and a permanent lineup, From First To Last went on to complete their third studio album and major label debut.

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Review: From First to Last – Heroine

From First to Last - Heroine

Let’s start this with a disclaimer. The readers at have known that I haven’t been one to shy away from my opinion in the past. In fact, I’ve taken a fair amount of criticism for being too harsh on bands in the past (and too nice, it’ll never end). Those of you who are looking for me to rip FFTL to shreds can stop reading at this point, because it’s not going to happen. I don’t care what you think of this review and I don’t care what you think of me. All I know is that From First to Last has shocked me by creating a solid album that I expected to be awful. From the band’s previous work full of oversaturated clichés and ear-splitting vocals, one would never think the band could progress to this sort of level. If you haven’t given Heroine a fair listen, then you can’t judge this band. Yes, their image is absurd. Yes, many of their fans are ridiculous teenage girls with eyeliner and glam/goth outfits. But putting aside all of these factors, one must strip down FFTL and critique the actual music – and it’s good. This is a group of talented musicians who seem to have truly found their sound, with the help of acclaimed producer Ross Robinson, well known for his work with late 90’s nu-metal acts such as Korn and Slipknot. Robinson’s touch gleams off of Heroine from start to finish. Gritty as hell, full of obscenities and soaring sing-along choruses, FFTL has successfully transformed their sound.

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