Gert Taberner – “Tourist” (Video Premiere)

Gert Taberner

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to Gert Taberner, an ultra-talented singer-songwriter who is releasing his new single and video for “Tourist.” Gert showcases relatable vulnerability and has the ability to connect people to his music in both an authentic and comforting fashion. On this latest single, Taberner shared, “I wrote ‘Tourist’ about my journey providing end-of-life care for my mother when she passed away after a long bout with a terminal illness. The process of providing care to the person who raised you really messes with your head. It feels like any decision you make comes with a life-or-death asterisk, something that I definitely wasn’t prepared to deal with. You’re constantly getting things wrong, and even when you’re getting them right, it doesn’t feel much better, and frankly, any form of joy in that time felt like a bittersweet act of defiance with regard to the clearly pre-defined outcome that a diagnosis like hers entailed. Getting this one right while writing felt like an exercise in holding space for both sides, the morbid and the joyful, and where they intersect.” If you’re enjoying the early listen, more music will be coming soon from Gert Taberner when he releases his new EP If We Kept On Trying later on this year.

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