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Green Day

Green Day Grab Third Number One Album

Green Day earn their third number one album as Revolution Radio tops the charts this week.

Green Day rocks the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 with its third chart-topping album, Revolution Radio. The band’s 12th studio effort enters atop the list with 95,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Oct. 13, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 90,000 were in traditional album sales.

Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ Musical Coming to HBO

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day talked with NME about turning their American Idiot musical into an HBO movie:

“That’s the plan right now, yeah,” said Armstrong. “We’ve got a green light from HBO, and the script is currently going through a couple of rewrites here and there, so I’m not sure when exactly we’re going to start shooting, but it’s definitely all systems go at the moment.”

Review: Green Day – Revolution Radio

Green Day - Revolution Radio

A lot of people probably thought Green Day were down for the count leading into 2004. They’d had a tumultuous decade of success in the 1990s, capturing the sound of a generation on Dookie and then writing the definitive graduation song with “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” Their catalog was stacked with hit singles and earworm hooks, but they’d ushered in the start of the new millennium with little fanfare. 2000’s Warning got decent reviews but changed their sound in ways fans probably weren’t expecting and weren’t terribly psyched about by being more folk-pop than pop-punk. That, combined with the lack of a world-conquering single and the fact that Napster was busy taking a hatchet to the record industry, meant that Warning only ever went gold. Not bad for your average band, but not so great for a group that had gone either multiplatinum or diamond on their three previous albums. Add the 2003 theft of the record that was supposed to the follow-up to Warning, and Green Day seemed washed up and left for dead.

Why Billie Joe Armstrong Hates the Phrase “Pop-Punk”

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day talked to Kerrang about why he was on a mission to “destroy the phrase pop-punk” – NME has the quote:

“I come from a scene where every band was different from the others; it was all so diverse,” Armstrong continued. “No two bands sounded the same. No-one was jumping on one particular sound. We were all different. Every good band was into what other good band were doing, and it didn’t matter that these bands were very different from one another. In fact, it was important that we were different from one another.”

“And now we have pop-punk. And I hate that phrase. It lacks diversity.”

But “defend diverse music” doesn’t sell as many TV shirts.

Green Day Call Out Donald Trump During “Holiday”

Green Day performed “Holiday” at the Starland Ballroom on September 28th with a little extra for Donald Trump:

Have you guys been watching the news lately? What do you think of our candidates for the presidency of the United States of America? What do you think of New York’s finest, Mr. Donald Trump? … No racism in this fucking room, I’ll tell you that right now. There is no white supremacy in this fucking room right now! We are coming together tonight, to in New Jersey to call bullshit on all the fucking politicians tonight!

‘Ordinary World’ Staring Billie Joe Due Out in October

Deadline reports that the upcoming film staring Billie Joe of Green Day, now titled Ordinary World, will be released on October 14th:

The Green Day frontman plays Perry, an aging former punk rocker who’s now a married father of two. He leads a sedate life in Queens until his brother (Chris Messina) gives him money to throw a huge 40th birthday rockstar bash in a fancy Manhattan hotel — a chance to get it out of his system. But Perry’s puck past clashes with his middle-age reality. Judy Greer, Selma Blair, Dallas Roberts, Fred Armisen, Brian Baumgartner and Kevin Corrigan also star in the pic from writer-director Lee Kirk.