My Chemical Romance Explain Taking PPP Loan for Postponed Tour

My Chemical Romance

Rolling Stone:

“Like most tours that were happening this year, My Chemical Romance’s world tour was cancelled,” the band tells Rolling Stone. “MCR received PPP money to ensure their crew is funded in these times of uncertainty until we are able to be out on the road again. We are so grateful to these skilled, dedicated people – some of them are parents, others caretakers, still others who simply have rent to pay – and this money helps them take care of themselves and their families.”

Gerard Way Explains Solo Songs

Gerard Way

Gerard Way has updated the song descriptions of a bunch of the songs he put on SoundCloud earlier this week detailing the songs and where they started and came from. For example, he writes about how “Success!” was originally written for a new band that never came to be:

Back before Hesitant Alien was a thing, and before I wanted to pursue a solo career, I wanted to start a band and just sing and play guitar, after my chem broke up. The name of the band was going to be Baby Animal Hospital (the record label hated the name, especially since it included both the words ‘baby’ and ‘hospital’ in the same phrase), and I did a bunch of rough graphic design for it, but in the end, it really felt like a solo thing, so that’s what it became. But when it was Baby Animal Hospital (I wanted something that sounded warm and fuzzy and loud, like the tones) I recorded this track with Doug for the opening of the record. The lyrics/sounds are just the word BAH over and over again, which where the first letters of each word of the band name, but that wasn’t intentional, I just liked the sound. And this was us really messing with auto-tune to try and make it sound like an instrument. It was supposed to be this track as track one and go right into Action Cat. Later on, I figured I would just make a zine with the name Baby Animal Hospital, but I didn’t get very far with it. Still like the name, and may do something with it in the future. Maybe one day I’ll share all the graphic design I did for it when it was a band, a lot of which was cut and paste by hand.

My Chemical Romance Sell Out Entire Tour

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance sold out their tour in about six hours.

My Chemical Romance would like to thank their Killjoys across North America for selling out 228,600 tickets in under six hours. Fans from the U.S. and Canada acted quickly, as tickets went on sale today at 12 PM local time and were gone long before the day’s end….”you’ve worn out all your dance shoes, this time.

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