My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance Returns to Billboard Charts After Reunion Announcement

Kevin Rutherford, writing at Billboard:

Interest in My Chemical Romance’s impending reunion isn’t just translating to ticket sales. The band reaches multiple Billboard charts dated Nov. 9 following the rockers’ Oct. 31 reunion announcement, while its catalog also saw leaps in sales and streams. […]

My Chemical Romance earned 7,000 equivalent album units, a 12% jump, with 2,000 of that sum in album sales (up 21%). As for song downloads, the four-piece moved 2,000 (up 33%), and in all, MCR accrued 11.4 million on-demand streams, a leap of 10%.

Review: My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

The 15th anniversary of the My Chemical Romance classic has come and gone, but with the recent news of them reuniting, I just couldn’t wait five more years to write about Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I vividly remember my first time hearing this record. I was a 21-year old, shopping at my local Hot Topic, browsing the listening station of the recent CD releases. The Three Cheers artwork grabbed my attention from the first look, and I knew I had to see what the band had come up with, having only seen them open up for The Used at the 9:30 Club about a year prior. The album was produced by one of all-time favorites, Howard Benson, and had it not been for my immediate trust in the producer; I may have waited to purchase this album until a few weeks later. What I was not expecting was just how professional, polished, and amazing the record was, as I became immediately transported into the world of MCR. From the opening notes of “Helena,” I knew this band had created something incredibly special, immediate, and gripping from the very first listen. It’s safe to say that this immediate purchase of the record was not one that I came to regret.

My Chemical Romance Are About to Break the Internet

Well, well, well … it looks like My Chemical Romance have a new Instagram page that has a cryptic new story. (Their official Twitter account has the same imagery.)

I’ll update this post as we find out more.

Update: A second story has been posted labeled “Courage.”

Update #2: Now “Sacrifice.”

Update #3: Now “Devotion.”

Update #4: And now a MCR logo.

Update #5: The band have announced a show on December 20th at the Shrine Expo Hall in California. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

Update #6: New merchandise is up on the band’s official store.

Gerard Way on ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ My Chemical Romance … and Liza Minnelli

George Gene Gustines, writing at The New York Times:

My initial inspiration was a few different things. I had been such a fan of the Marvel Silver Age, and I grew up reading Chris Claremont’s X-Men. Marvel characters had a lot of issues and problems, but I wanted to give them deeper, more complex problems. I was also reading Hellboy by Mike Mignola, and to me that was a postmodern horror comic. There was nothing like that for superheroes. I usually try to make things that I wish existed that I would want to listen to or read.