Review: Yellowcard / Hammock – A Hopeful Sign

Remix albums can be a bit of a mixed bag. They exist sometimes to fulfill a contractual agreement between an artist and a label, to give new takes or perspectives on songs, or in the best case scenarios, to re-imagine songs in a way that makes it feel like you’re hearing the tracks for the first time all over again. Yellowcard have paired up with the ambient music duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, better known as Hammock, to re-imagine some of their classic hits, as well as some noteworthy deep cuts, for a compilation affectionately titled A Hopeful Sign. Given the fact that Yellowcard’s latest EP, Childhood Eyes, featured several key collaborations, it makes perfect sense for them to continue down this path in their musical journey. Ryan Key shared, “Yellowcard is in a new place where we are collaborating with other artists more than ever before. I have found Hammock in my top three most played artists every year for nearly a decade now. Hammock are one of the defining and most pioneering artists in the post rock and ambient space. We have taken so much inspiration from their work over the years so first becoming friends, and then unexpectedly getting to work together on new music were dreams come true.” By taking a brave step forward in their partnership with Hammock, Yellowcard remain “top of mind” in these re-imagined tracks that breathe a new and fruitful life into some of their most beloved songs.

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