Review: Hidden In Plain View – Tantrums

A lot can change in the music landscape in just a short period of time. Hiatuses that start out as a “short time away” to regroup and re-charge can occasionally feel like decades, and add a pandemic to the mix where every day feels exactly the same, and that time can multiply itself. Hidden In Plain View are back with their first release of new material since the 2015 EP entitled Animal, and they’ve called this new record Tantrums. Whereas their most recognized album, Life In Dreaming, had the lofty expectations of matching their big hooks with even bigger melodic payoffs, Tantrums seems even more fully-realized as the band sound as re-energized as they’ve ever been and appear poised to take their sound to new audiences.

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Interview: Hidden In Plain View

Hidden in Plan View

Recently I was able to connect with vocalist Joe Reo, of Hidden In Plain View, to discuss the recent singles his band has released. We also reminisced over the great Life In Dreaming record and the memories that surrounded those sessions, as well as the new touring plans for the band. I was able to get Joe to drop a few notes about the culmination of what these new singles are leading to, as well as some unique merch packages that will be announced shortly. You can check out the recently released music on your favorite streaming service, including Amazon Music here.

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