Hit the Lights Announce New Single Series

Hit the Lights

Hit the Lights have posted an update about the status and future of the band on Facebook:

With that being said, Hit The Lights is proud to announce that we have partnered with our good friend and ally Rick King to create King Sound. Through King Sound, we will be releasing a new song each month. Consistently. Because we have the freedom and the means to do it. People will have the ability to download songs early by purchasing special edition items though our online stores and investing money in us to continue this venture. We’ll be working out the kinks as we go, but the beautiful thing is whatever people decide to do – even down to just streaming our songs – you’re LITERALLY investing in us. These sales will go directly to fund awesome things like new music videos, tours, and even fund raising for great causes! No one to answer to, nothing to wait for – just HTL, King Sound and you- our supporters. Doing it our way because we can.

We have songs lined up for the next six months.

Review: Hit the Lights – Invicta

Hit the Lights - Invicta

For a while there, I thought we had lost Hit The Lights to the pop-punk abyss. After garnering a dedicated fan base due to their first two contagious full-lengths, the Lima, Ohio quintet signed to a major label expecting to get their brand of catchy anthems out to a wider audience. Instead, they were on the Universal roster for about the length of a Kim Kardashian wedding. After that, HTL kind of disappeared until late 2011 when Razor & Tie announced they’d sign the group and released a 3-song teaser EP. Enlisting the services of producer Mike Sapone, the three tracks on the EP featured a change in direction for Hit The Lights and perked up some excitement for their late January release. 

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