Chorus TV: Vinnie Caruana

Vinnie Caruana

With music fans eager yet apprehensive about the return of concerts, Vinnie Caruana has been providing an ideal experience in the form of private outdoor shows throughout the summer. After over a year without live music, I found myself in the cranberry capital of the world – Middleborough, MA – being serenaded by his acoustic performance in a safe, intimate backyard setting on July 24. Enjoy the full set of The Movielife, I Am the Avalanche, and solo material.

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Vinnie Does Track-by-Track for New I Am the Avalanche Album

I Am the Avalanche

Vinnie has done a new track-by-track breakdown of the latest I Am the Avalanche album for Substream:

“Tokyo”: “In this song we pay homage to a man who showed I Am the Avalanche the utmost love and support when we were getting our start. Mikey had this riff and we jammed on it and it felt very No Use For A Name. So I carried that into the lyrics. Rest well, Tony Sly.”

“Concrete”: “This song was in the first batch that we wrote the music for. I get so sick of myself sometimes. Grateful for my family and friends who continue to be there for me. That must be daunting. Respect.”

Review: I Am The Avalanche – DIVE

I Am The Avalanche - Dive

It feels great to have I Am The Avalanche back. With their first studio album in six years, DIVE wastes little time getting down to the business at hand with some incredibly well-crafted tunes. Lead single “Better Days” opens the record with a perfect build up to an ultra-melodic chorus. Lead vocalist Vinnie Caruana had this to say about opening the album with the track: “Not only is it the intro track to the record, but it is also the song the first the band wrote together since 2014’s Wolverines. It’s all about realizing too late how good you had it and raising a “drink to better days.” Oddly enough, it was written before the world went to hell in a handbasket earlier this year – making it an eerie prophecy.” Interestingly, many of these songs found on DIVE are the perfect soundtrack to the uncertainty of the days ahead of us while still remaining cautiously optimistic that things can improve.

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