Review: Into It. Over It. – Standards

Into It Over It - Standards

I know that the “six degrees of separation” is commonly linked to actor Kevin Bacon, but I think it’s time we made an exception to the theory and include Evan Weiss. Whether it’s through the seemingly hundreds of side projects he’s a part of (most recently Pet Symmetry and Their/They’re/There) or the handful of records he’s produced (ranging from bands like You Blew It! to Xerxes), it’s no wonder someone who’s definitely not me nicknamed the Into It. Over It. mastermind “the emo mayor” (consider this review my official apology for that, Evan). But a funny thing happened during the writing and recording sessions for his third album – turns out Standards isn’t an emo record after all.

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Review: Into It. Over It. – Intersections

Into It. Over It. - Intersections

Just short of admitting all of my neuroses to a bunch of strangers, it seems pertinent to start a review of Intersections with the beguilingly cliche statement that you’ll like this if you often find yourself alone. Evan Weiss has become known for his sheer proliferation of music, a sort-of workman in the emo age. Which is fine and true, but what you really get on a stellar album like Intersections is a painting of a person forced from the safehaven of their mind. It’s music with all of the intricate guitar, soft singing and autumn-hued loneliness we love about Into It. Over It., but these one-on-one conversations (or more often one-on-none) carry more weight. Mr. Weiss is far from talking to himself these days, and as a mouthpiece for those of us tripping through our twenties, he’s someone we need to hear.

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Review: Into It. Over It. – Proper

Into It. Over It. - Proper

If Evan Weiss isn’t a household name within the scene yet, he will be soon. The singer/songwriter’s resume includes two very ambitious projects – one album featuring a song for every week in a year (52 Weeks) and one collection of twelve songs that represent twelve different cities (Twelve Towns). He’s already impressed critics and fans alike, and that’s even before you sit down with his first true full-length album, the aptly titled Proper. While the majority of Weiss’ discography is of the soft, acoustic variety, his No Sleep debut is stuffed with twelve energetic and poignant tracks, all in its full-band glory.

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