New Jimmy Eat World Single Coming Soon

Jimmy Eat World

The next single from Jimmy Eat World will be called “Place Your Debts” and is due out at the end of July. The band recently talked with Forbes about the freedom to release music at their own pace:

It’s just that sometimes we’re really excited about a catchy three-minute rock song, sometimes really excited about something that’s like seven minutes and very, very moody and absolutely no hope of Top 40 radio play. But that’s okay. That’s totally cool. Our core audience is pretty hard core. There’s definitely a group of people out there that’ll give us a shot, whether or not a song is on the radio. That’s all you can really hope for I think at the end of the day. Yeah, I don’t feel like we’re competing with anybody, you’re sort of competing with everybody, in a way you’re competing with everybody and no one at the same time. Which is kind of why like, “Okay, so yeah, we have 10 albums already. That’s a lot of material. We’re really gonna add another 12 songs to that? Okay, what are we not gonna play out live now?” It’s a lot to ask people like, “Dude, you got an hour? Check out my band.” It’s really what you’re asking people when you put out an album. I think in a weird way, more people will give a song a shot than maybe track nine on your album that you killed yourself to make. So if the goal is to get things in front of people that they might want to listen to or have a chance of being listened to, asking them for less of their time in one setting, you might actually get them to check it out.

And Zach added a little more detail in our forums:

For NOW we are doing this. Truth is after our touring cycle for Surviving vanished into thin air, the band body clock needs some time to adjust. In the end the thing that prob guides what we do is the music more than anything else. If the pieces feel like they are fitting together in a cohesive vision then that usually points to a larger collection of tunes. Sometimes, especially after releasing 5 albums in a row without an EP or a major stand alone single release, it’s nice to try something different.