Review: Lilith Czar – Created From Filth And Dust

There’s a lot to like about Lilith Czar. She does her best to fight misogynistic behavior in an industry filled with so much of it, adds another voice to the female empowerment movement, and still cranks out well thought out anthems worthy of the early praise garnered. Lilith Czar (formerly Juliet Simms) “killed” off her old identity in the track “All American,” in an attempt to distance herself from a person she no longer identified with as an artist. On Created From Filth and Dust, Lilith Czar channels her inner rock queen to deliver an album filled with dark tones, heavy synth-laden beats, and with just enough silver linings to ensure that the material doesn’t get too heavy. With so much new momentum going in her favor, it’s hard to not buy in to the controlled chaos she presents on this record.

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Interview: Juliet Simms at Warped Tour (Video Interview)

Juliet Simms

Today’s video interview is with Juliet Simms at Vans Warped Tour.

This is my eight time interviewing Juliet. In the nine years I’ve been speaking with her, I watched her go from leading Automatic Loveletter to performing on NBC’s “The Voice” to her recently signing to Sumerian Records. Over the years Simms has always been as candid as she has been persistent in her work ethic.

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