Review: Kulick – Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood

Kulick - Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood

Fresh off the success of his debut EP, Hydroplane that featured a hit single called “Ghost,” Kulick has released his proper full-length record called Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood. The 28-year old singer songwriter from West Penn, Pennsylvania is poised for some breakout success with this collection of deeply personal songs. In regards to the material translating to the live setting, Kulick mentioned in a recent interview that, “I am ready to tour as soon as it is safe to. I miss my friends and everyone who shares these songs with me. I miss their energy. When we’re able to tour again, look forward to hearing the first record that is truly a Kulick record. I look forward to sharing it with everyone.” It’s easy to share the optimism that he has in respect to his debut album, as he has crafted a unique brand of songs filled with personality.

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