Review: Mansions – Tuff Luff

You know a band means something to you when you can remember your first time hearing them.

The first time I heard Mansions, I was a junior in high school working at our local supermarket. About once a week, my older brother (forever shaman of my music tastes) would load up whatever he was listening to on my iPod so I would have new music for bus rides and the lunch breaks where I’d step outside and smoke cigarettes bought for me by a friend. To this day, the songs I associate with that first job – and much of my junior and senior years of high school – are Mansions’, a band skilled at capturing the whirlwind of youthful emotions I was experiencing at the time. 

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Review: Mansions – Dig Up The Dead

Mansions - Dig Up The Dead

Ya know, Christopher Browder isn’t so different from you and me. Based on his previous work, I’d bet that we’ve felt the same as him at point or another in our lives, whether it be the same fears, thoughts, or aspirations. We’re all heavily flawed, and Browder isn’t afraid to share that. And that’s what makes Mansions’ second full length album, Dig Up The Dead, so instantly relatable. Throughout the ten tracks, Browder spins together intricate tales of loneliness, heartbreak, and doubt backed by layers of fuzzy, distorted guitars. 

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