Marianas Trench Talk Stage Setup and Touring

Marianas Trench

Alternative Press talked with Mike Ayley of Marianas Trench about touring and the band’s stage setup:

It’s important with the styles for us to try different stuff we can do live so the shows feel fresh. Not just having new music, but even the feel. It definitely gives us direction with video content—not so much the stage as it could be. When we’re doing arenas, we have a little more leeway because we have more production. We still bring a truck full of production for the U.S. tours. The balance is trying to enhance the album theme in the show while still having production that accents the music and doesn’t make the other album singles look out of place. We always do our best to balance that. It’s really cool being able to create a world. It’s neat that anybody who comes to see a Marianas Trench show will see the show and know what album the music is from.

Review: Marianas Trench – Ever After

Marianas Trench - Ever After

It only took five minutes to prove that Marianas Trench were the real deal.

The opener to the pop-rock quartet’s sophomore effort, Masterpiece Theater, was breathtaking to say the least. “Masterpiece Theater I” presented everything to love about the genre – soaring harmonies, memorable instrumentation, and hooks to go crazy for. The band’s prime selling point took place within vocalist Josh Ramsay, who gave unreal performances on nearly every song on the album. Marianas Trench had something special going for them, and it was easy to say that their follow-up had a lot to live up to. In company with Masterpiece Theater’s incredible solidarity, it also ended up selling platinum (in Canada), with numerous platinum and gold singles to go along with it. That alone sets the bar enormously for the highly anticipated Ever After – and it’s the band’s best offering to date.

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