Grayscale’s Unique Merchandise Passion


Collin Walsh of Grayscale talked with Quentin Singer at Forbes to talk about the band’s unique merchandise and business model:

From a simple glance at the band’s online store, their merchandise is undoubtedly a major step above most young bands, and even many mainstream artists. From the photography, the designs, and just the overall presentation of their apparel, some might confuse Grayscale as a new streetwear brand, rather than one of the alternative rock scene’s finest new bands. Elaborating on how the band created such a successful merchandise model, vocalist Collin Walsh and creative director Jordan Mizrahi, detail the evolution of Grayscale and how it’s become a clothing brand just as much as an alt-rock band.

Review: Grayscale – Nella Vita


Despite all of its bittersweet essence, few things are as inherently mesmerizing as a reflection on the past. For every new pin in our cork boards, it grows easier by the day to become entangled in the through-line that connects them — from our most inimitable highs, to the devastatingly irreclaimable lows. The sight of the same model car you once drove can trigger an afternoon’s worth of flashbacks, places visited, and relationships formed. A sudden difficult decision may silently launch a week of intricate recollection. Retracing steps, tiring over minute details and things left unsaid. And though we can’t control it, the fact remains that on some level, our memories are revisited daily. We subconsciously roam the rooms of our mind, dusting its shelves and replaying stories like slides in an old projector. Toeing the line between toxic and therapeutic behavior. In a sense, the deliberate attempt to walk that line is perhaps the most distinguishable aspect of what sets Nella Vita apart from the pack of Grayscale’s pop-punk contemporaries.

“I drove past your mother’s house / just to see how it felt / How’s it all been since we were kids / Just hope that you’re doing well.”

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