Ivory for Mastodon Debuts


The iOS Mastodon client from the makers of Tweetbot (RIP) is now available on the app store. MacStories has a great review of the 1.0 launch:

Given Tapbots’ pedigree, it’s no surprise that Ivory is an elegant, tasteful take on displaying Mastodon posts in a reverse-chronological timeline. And considering how most client experiences right now are mimicking a Twitter-like design (not just on iOS), it’s no surprise to see Ivory 1.0 rely on the core structure and layout of Tweetbot. At a glance, the app looks very similar to its dearly departed avian cousin: on iPhone, you have a set of customizable tabs at the bottom of the screen; on iPad, there’s a narrow set of tabs on the left edge of the screen with the ability to display a secondary column for another view on the right. In both apps, you can tap a title bar element to switch between timeline views; in Ivory, unlike Tweetbot, you don’t switch between lists but you cycle through the home, local, and federated timeline of a Mastodon instance instead.

If you’re not on Mastodon yet, I highly recommend checking it out and moving off Twitter. You can follow Chorus and myself, and we can always use more music fans over there as well.