Review: Middle Kids – Faith Crisis Pt. 1

It’s a funny feeling when your heart and mind are going in different directions. Middle Kids tackle this concept head on with grace and poise on Faith Crisis Pt. 1, that finds the Sydney-based indie rockers exploring the limits of their sound. While their vision came fully-formed on their sophomore LP, Today We’re The Greatest, Faith Crisis Pt. 1 is a small departure in the direction I would have liked for them to go. But hey, that’s music. Hannah Joy remains as captivating as she’s ever been, and checks all the boxes for what you’d want in an interesting lead vocalist. The band chemistry she shares with Tim Fitz and Harry Day pays off more often than not here. The album was produced by Jonathan Gilmore (The 1975, Beabadoobee) and he does an admirable job of honing in on the band’s strengths.

The album is largely inspired by Joy’s conflicts with her faith during the writing process of the band’s third studio album, and features a duo of interludes paired with a noteworthy song on each side of the record. The themes on Faith Crisis Pt. 1 range from euphoria, to self-doubt, all the way back to taking the listener on a journey through Joy’s headspace. Middle Kids are at their best when they trust their instincts and block out the rest of the outside noise in this world. This task is easier said than done, but their lyrical commentary remains top notch.

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Interview: Hannah Joy of Middle Kids

Middle Kids

This past week, I was able to connect on Zoom with lead vocalist and guitarist of Middle Kids, Hannah Joy, before her band got set to leave for a comprehensive headlining tour of the United States. In this interview, we talked a lot about each of the songs from Today We’re The Greatest, the songs that she felt will most connect with fans on this tour, and the cool story behind playing with right-handed guitars even though she is left-handed. Middle Kids will be starting their headlining tour this month.

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Review: Middle Kids – Today We’re The Greatest

Middle Kids - Today We're The Greatest

You would be hard pressed to find a harder-working band out there than Middle Kids. The band, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Hannah Joy, bassist/producer Tim Fitz, and drummer Harry Day shine throughout this collection of songs that find them at their most confident. Today We’re The Greatest feels more like a badge of honor or a playful mantra for the band to acknowledge that they are at the top of their game, and are still having a blast dedicating their talents to their craft. Coming off of a stellar debut in Lost Friends, and an EP of New Songs For Old Problems to tide their fans over in the meantime, Middle Kids had a lot of momentum breaking in just the right way for their proper sophomore follow-up record. These 12 songs are deeply authentic, personal, and only further showcase the courage the band has in stepping into the role of a breakthrough artist.

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