Mighty – ‘You Deal With the Trash’ EP Track-by-Track Breakdown


Mighty has finally properly followed up their 2018 self-titled debut. The following year they dropped the “David’s Park Bench” single, then last year saw the release of a b-sides EP, but now, at long last, they’ve put out their true studio EP followup, You Deal With the Trash. It’s a continuation of the grimy alt-rock sound explored on Mighty, and in many ways also both a refinement and an extension thereof. Angelo Fiaretti, frontman of Mighty, walked us through the EP track-by-track.

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Interview: Angelo Fiaretti of Mighty


In a year full of promising debuts, Mighty’s self-titled LP stands out. It captures the gritty energy of the debuts by fellow southern indie rockers All Get Out and Microwave – look no further than lead single “Safe and Sound” – but with a charm all its own. Last week I had the chance to speak to bandleader Angelo Fiaretti about writing this album. The album is out this Friday and if you’re interested you can pre-order it through their label.

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