Mighty – ‘You Deal With the Trash’ EP Track-by-Track Breakdown


Mighty has finally properly followed up their 2018 self-titled debut. The following year they dropped the “David’s Park Bench” single, then last year saw the release of a b-sides EP, but now, at long last, they’ve put out their true studio EP followup, You Deal With the Trash. It’s a continuation of the grimy alt-rock sound explored on Mighty, and in many ways also both a refinement and an extension thereof. Angelo Fiaretti, frontman of Mighty, walked us through the EP track-by-track.

“Red Wrapped Thread”

Ya know, we should be really happy but sometimes it’s just not the season and that’s okay. You can’t just plow through all the shit and expect consistent smooth bliss because you have a job, a house, and medication. What about those unrealistic expectations society makes for our lives? Why not point out how unhappy people can be blindly following that? It’s not for everyone. Good for some, not for all. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from that overwhelming feeling.. Sometimes that need for distance can develop some pretty dark thoughts. Do you think you’ll be remembered, do you even want to be? Maybe it’s time to reassess your surroundings.

“Bleed Out Girl”

You may have chosen to relocate.. Medication and money freaks you out, but you’re not sure why. This fear leads you into a special valley of life that gives you time to hide in public and aggressively sort shit out in your head. After a few weeks, you’re still confused because you can’t figure out how to express the guttural angry shit that “should” be pouring out. This confusion creates a habit of really trying to slip a “love yourself” vibe into every song you’re writing at the time (thinking it will radically change your life if you sing it). You keep heavily self medicating and it results in the instrumental outro of the song becoming a form of therapy.

“David’s Park Bench”

 You keep upsetting people and really freaking them out. This results in you creating an interruption about landscaping in a conversation you just entered. Nobody wants to hear this and you can’t leave unless they make you. You just made up the rule that you can’t leave unless they make you, but you’re dying just to leave. You really should not hide, but if you stick your head out, you might create an issue you won’t recover from. People seem really angry and you’re angry too. You decide in your precious self medicated brain to make someone say what you want them to and resume trying to leave.


You start to avoid the people who make your brain feel numb, but you always need someone and someone will always need you. This gives you euphoric desperation to give love. Just remember you might stress them out. 

“Shoot Your Eye Out”

There’s a lot of fun in life that you can tackle, but you can also be tackled by fun itself. You were really angry and trying to have a good time, but these mother fuckers were killing your vibe and calling you an idiot. This created a domino effect of everyone being angry at everyone else and making some wack claims upon each other. Then you were trying to run, but they kept trying to dictate where it was okay for you to run to and that just felt like a massive joke.

“Temporary in Dirt”

If you hide your hurt, mistakes, and heartbreak, it’ll always come back and hit you right in the chest. At this point that blow to the chest could be affecting more than just you. You can’t run from that stuff, buddy.