Mothlights – “Walking The World With A Leaky Umbrella” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the latest album from Mothlights called Walking the World With A Leaky Umbrella. Mothlights come from the mind of Rishi Gupta, who also owns the label Strawberry Moon Records. This DC-based artist would be perfect for fans of Julien Baker and Low. Gupta shared:

More than once was a guitar take on this record interrupted by the sound of an armored police vehicle rolling past my window in mid 2020, and more than once did I give up recording a vocal take after yet another news buzz on my phone left me exhausted. I feel like we all feel it, seeing it on our screens, before our eyes and in the way it’s affecting our personal behaviors. Rising global fascism, rising tides: we’re in the end stage now. I’m still reckoning with the fact that we will never get the pre-COVID world back and how this new world was born from that one. Being terminally stuck in my 700 sq ft apartment for two years in downtown DC amidst all of that was pretty rough as I was writing and recording this album, so I retreated heavily into fantasy. Almost all of the songs are informed by what was going on around me contextually but set in this surreal other place I had retreated to. I tried to let the quarantine, the Floyd uprising, the loss and declining health of loved ones and the wave of reaction bleed into this completely hypothetical folk music from some place I made up in my head.

Welcome to the world of Mothlights.

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